Fluke story reveals the UMC is morally MIA

“UM student reacts to Limbaugh comment” (March 30 Reporter) presents a very one-sided look at the Sandra Fluke controversy. The question must be asked: “Where is the United Methodist Church in this issue?” The reference to Mr. Jim Winkler (top executive of the UMC Board of Church and Society) and his comments leaves us with a huge question about the UMC stance on moral behaviors so graphically described by Ms. Fluke. Are we taken in with the argument that free and widespread use of contraceptives in her college environment is for medical purposes only?

As the UMC advocates and defends the federal government programs, we seem to have cast aside the Church’s role in guiding and shaping human behavior that adheres to Christian principles. The UMC is once again absent in its role and responsibility as teachers and leaders in this, a Christian and moral issue.

Hal Neff
McCabe UMC
Bismark, N.D. 


Thank you for publishing Kathy Gilbert’s article on Sandra Fluke. I’ve become alarmed at the way women are spoken of in the public square and I think that Ms. Fluke’s experience was a clear demonstration that it has become acceptable amongst way too many people to speak of women hatefully as Rush Limbaugh has and continues to do.

I must say that I was shocked to read in the article that he is a member of a Methodist church.

I’m writing not just to thank you but with a complaint, specifically, about the huge picture of Mr. Limbaugh that was included in the [Web version of the] article. As a longtime opponent of his disgusting spew, the less I see of Mr. Limbaugh the better I like it. In my opinion, Ms. Fluke, who actually cooperated with the author of this story, deserved the prominent photograph and Mr. Limbaugh, if he had to be pictured at all, should have been given the smaller space.

Susan Lowe
Maple Grove United Methodist Church
Columbus, Ohio


The United Methodist Church’s position, as explained by Kathy Gilbert in her March 30 article, is secular and satisfying only for those who want to believe that anything beyond natural family planning is safe and actually to be encouraged.

The facts are there and published that prove otherwise and it is sad to see in writing such a terrible giving in to secularism by a Christian church, even in America.

I am not writing to protect Mr. Limbaugh, or to disparage Ms. Fluke; I am writing to plead for the protection of life.

Bill Adamson
Winter Springs, Fla.

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