The real crisis is within

This is in response to Sarah Howell’s essay “We Need ‘Call to Holiness’ More than Call to Action” (Reporter, April 13).

I completely concur with Ms. Howell’s thoughts on the UMC’s “dark night of the soul.” I do believe, as Ms. Howell states, that when church members fear change, they fear “losing God,” as if God could ever be lost when worship is sincere.

The crisis in the United Methodist Church is not from declining membership, as older members die out and younger folks aren’t buying what we’re selling. It’s a true crisis from within, from power brokering by unkind Christians who are absolutely certain that their way is the best way, while lost, unchurched and biblically-confused souls go elsewhere for entertainment and temporary relief.

Let’s please not hoard our monies, but use them, trusting that if we are truly carrying out the Great Commission, we will thrive in God’s world.

Daisy Harvill
Paris, Texas


  1. karlevans says:

    In response to the current US-UMC crisis, it seems simple. We have spent the last century finding ways to push one another out of the Church. Homosexuality, morals, rich and poor alike, disabilities, literacy, homeland. Speaking as one of these, I resent being pushed out of the church for which I have mortgaged and risked everything. I know the frustration of my people in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo, South Sudan, Burundi and the rest of equatorial Africa who are literally told by the committees arranging General Conference that they are not part of the United Methodist Church, and thus not part of Christianity.

    Now it is time to become a truly inclusive church. There is a place for the ministry of every person in a world of 6 billion people. I was pushed out because of my disability. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I could have had a good continuing ministry, but the weakness of my body allowed my annual conference to force me to retirement. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. The same with my GC board, where false accusations were used to force me out. And I am not the only staffer to face this. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

    It is no wonder our church is losing membership in the USA. The next GC should be held in Nairobi, or Kampala. No person should be forced out of the Church by the nature of their ministry or where they live. The world is my parish.
    Karl Evans

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