Sub-Committee Votes to End Guaranteed Appointments with Attached “Mueller Amendment”

Sub-Committee 1 of the Committee on Ministry and Higher Education was hard at work this afternoon addressing petition #20303, which is an amendment that would effectively end guaranteed appointments.

A significant amendment was offered by Gary Mueller (North Texas Annual Conference) and perfected by the sub-committee. The amendment establishes a team of eight people to advise the bishop on the qualities needed in appointable pastors within the bounds of the annual conference. It also requires reporting to the executive committee on the Board of Ordained Ministry and accountability through the jurisdictional and conference committees on the Episcopacy.

The chair of the sub-committee referred to it as the “Mueller Amendment”.  Full text of the approved amendment below:

Each annual conference shall annually convene a task force made up of four members named by the conference lay leader, at least two clergy members nominated by the chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry, from the Board of Ordained Ministry and elected by the clergy session, a superintendent named by the bishop and the bishop to develop a list of issues and concerns to guide the cabinet and bishop when a full-time missional appointment is not available for an elder.
The cabinet will report the following information annually to the Board of Ordained Ministry executive committee
1)   which elders have not receive a full-time missional appointment and the rationale
2)   which elders have not received an appointment for reasons of ineffectiveness and the steps which have been taken in the complaint process;
3)   statistics by age, ethnicity and gender of elders who have not received a full-time missional appointment; and
4)   learning that has been gleaned as appointment-making is carried out in a new way.
This data will also become a part of the evaluation by bishops by Committee on the Episcopacy at the conference and jurisdictional levels pursuant to paragraph 524.3a


Rev. Mike Baughman is an ordained elder, social media coach and special contributor to the United Methodist Reporter

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Guaranteed appoitments, about time ended. Am 75 years old and still work at my small print shop everyday. I have no guarantee that i will have a business tomorrow, I do not have a fat pension or ira. My social security benefits cover my monthly medical bill for myself and family.
I say if you do your job, that is your security.If I do not do my job, I will not have a company nor a livelihood.


Mike: Thanks for this. Is there a quick place where we can find the full version of what was passed, not just Gary's amendment?

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