Same sex marriage allowance defeated in committee

The Committee on Ministry & Higher Education rejected sub-committee work that would have recommended another historic shift in the United Methodist Church. Submitted legislation sought to allow each Annual Conference to decide whether or not to allow same sex unions in their churches and by their pastors. The measure was defeated by a written ballot vote of 34-44.

Delegates wait as ballots are counted

Amy Lippoldt of Kansas West spoke against the petition despite her previous support of other legislation that seeks to make the church more inclusive of homosexuals. She worried about the implications of annual conferences making decisions about moral witness and ethical stances. “The United Methodist Church must remain united,” she said.

David Edgar from West Ohio spoke in favor of the legislation. “We face a big problem around the issue of homosexuality. Right now the churches in Africa cannot change because of strong cultural views. Changing a stance would result in the loss of many members. Right now, especially in the North East [United States], we are experiencing a similar problem but in reverse. They will lose young members and more if we don’t [allow for same sex unions].”

The legislation will surely be debated by the body of General Conference as it moves into general plenary sessions next week.

Rev. Mike Baughman is a United Methodist elder, social media coach and special contributor to the United Methodist Reporter.


  1. pastorkeith says:

    Amen to this decision. I pray this will continue on the floor.

  2. pindolphia says:

    and yet another tear falls from the eye of God, who loves, respects and created us all as we are.

    • oh please. The only tears that fall with regards to this ruling is that it was even thought about and brought up in the first place. Loves you? Yes…Loves your deviant lifestyle? No. It's called SIN.

      • jeremyinny says:

        It seems to me that "deviant lifestyle" is casting judgement on people… Are you the one who is without sin? If you are then please by all means cast that first stone. We all have sin in our lives, if we didn't, there would have been no need for our Lord and Savior to die on the cross as he did.

      • says:

        "oh please" is right!. show me where Christ calls this a sin?!

      • The Gospel According to St John 8:7 – …… He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her….

  3. deviantmonk says:

    Right now the churches in Africa cannot change because of strong cultural views. Changing a stance would result in the loss of many members.

    Obviously the only opposition to this by the churches in Africa is because of cultural views and the fear of losing members. After all, there is clearly no possibility that it could be a strongly-reasoned, intellectually robust and biblically informed opposition. What could possibly lead anyone to believe African churches are capable of that…

    /sarc off

    It is fairly amusing that this sort of statement is used in reference to the African churches which are experiencing membership growth, not loss.

  4. jeremyinny says:

    I believe in welcoming all, allowing same sex marriage, and those who are of the LGBT community be pastors, but I also believe that we must be united in all of this, not just let each annual conference decided. If that were to happen, I can only imagine the discrimination that opens up. God made everyone and loves everyone, He made no mistakes.

  5. Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors ? ? ? ?

  6. gingerlouise says:

    The church is not united on this. We are already divided. And many more of our brothers and sisters are leaving because we cannot agree that regardless of orientation we are all God's sacred children. Those in the LGBT community did not choose their orientation any more than heterosexuals have chosen theirs.

  7. roger wolsey says:

    I wrote the following "Pastoral Letter to the United Methodist Church" the week before the GC addressed the matters re: homosexuality. I offer it again as a mirror for us to continue to gaze upon. Peace.

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