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Ministry bakes up jobs, funds to help homeless

By Fred Koenig, Special Contributor… Let Fred Domke know that you’re a fellow United Methodist when you ask him how Bridge Bread came about, and he might share with you what he calls the “slightly mystical” version of the story. “It came to me one night in a dream,” he said. That dream was primed […]

Event urges churches to continue AIDS fight

TAMPA, Fla.—Walk into a Methodist Church in South Africa and one of the first things you might see is a big poster with a shocking statement: “The Church Has AIDS.” Bishop Ivan Abrahams, top executive for the World Methodist Council and former presiding bishop of the 650,000-member Methodist Church of South Africa, is proud of […]

15th-century carol tells post-resurrection story

The author of the Latin poem “O filii et filiae, Rex coelestis, Rex gloriae,” Jean Tisserand (d. 1494, Paris), is little known to us. He was a Franciscan monk who founded a penitent order for women. Tisserand’s Latin poem was translated into English by the famous 19th-century hymnologist, John Mason Neale (1818-1866). Neale was the […]

Q&A: Mission to bring meditation to the masses

By age 35, Congressman Tim Ryan had been one of Ohio’s youngest state senators, served two terms in the U.S. Congress and hobnobbed with presidents and prime ministers. But a different story, full of unmet ambitions and caustic self-criticism, coursed through Mr. Ryan’s mind, carrying him away from even the most important moments. “I was […]

Cameron goes from teen idol to L.A. outsider

By Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service… Kirk Cameron was once one of Hollywood’s babies, the spunky, handsome teenager who starred in the 1980s hit series Growing Pains, and whose picture was taped inside many a schoolgirl’s locker. But now, Hollywood scolds and even mocks Mr. Cameron who, at 41, is a vocal evangelical Christian, and, […]

Exploring faith through the senses

As Christians, we tend to spend much of our time in our heads or “in the Word.” But that means we’re not experiencing all of God’s goodness, according to the authors of Awaken Your Senses. In the book, they invite readers to engage faith through tasting, seeing, touching, hearing and smelling, through “spiritual practices that […]

Loop helps worshippers hear the Word

DALLAS—Charles McManus might paraphrase the familiar Bible verse like this: “He who has hearing aids, let him hear.” With that goal, Mr. McManus, 82, has become a bit of an evangelist for the induction loop—a technology that allows him to clearly hear the worship service at his church, Spring Valley United Methodist in Dallas. “I […]

From memory to vision in mission work

By Thomas Kemper, Special Contributor… In FOCUS, one of the booklets published by Abingdon Press as part of the preparation for General Conference, Professor Lovett Weems observes that our church is in a time of transition between “memory” and “vision.” It is also true to say that our United Methodist mission theology and practice are in […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: In the Christian journey, belonging comes first

After General Conference, the Book of Discipline will be different. But will things really be different back in the local church? Will we, like the Twelve become Sunday morning quarterbacks, or, like Mary and Mary Magdalene, will we see what is going on with Jesus? Is there any chance that we might, like the women, […]

In search of a cure for ‘MTD’

By John Meunier and Kenda Creasy Dean, Special Contributors… Editor’s note: This column is adapted from a blog posting by the Rev. John Meunier, and a response to that post by the Rev. Kenda Creasy Dean. First, Mr. Meunier: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism may very well be the default religion of most mainline Protestants. I first […]