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Bishop Earl Bledsoe reverses retirement decision

Update: Bishop Earl Bledsoe has reversed his decision to voluntarily retire, and has promised to fight to remain an active bishop. Check back here later tonight for a full story. Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe has announced his retirement, effective Aug. 31, as leader of the North Texas Conference. “This is where I believe God is […]

Reflections: Learning to believe in a God of ‘Yes and No’

I often wonder about those who have only a “God of Yes” theology. When the crops are plentiful, the prayers for successful children are answered, the business thrives and the team wins, they believe everything is the result of God saying “yes” to their sincere appeals. Most of us are genuinely eager to give God […]

Don’t blame bishops for General Conference ‘fiasco’

By William H. Willimon, Special Contributor… General Conference in Tampa made history as the most expensive ($1,500 per minute!), least productive, most fatuous assemblage in the history of Methodism. Sunday evening’s “A Celebration of Ministry” fiasco was a metaphor for our nearly two weeks at church expense: four hours of belabored supplication by the General […]

A pastor gives advice on chasing off pastors

By Chris Shoemaker, Special Contributor… In my 25 years as a United Methodist (16 as a pastor), I have come to realize that in every church there are at least a few laity who just cannot stand their minister. Maybe you are one of them. Perhaps you disagree with his or her theology. Or, you […]

Dealing with ‘wounded’ United Methodist Church

By Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Special Contributor… Many good things happened at General Conference. They did not necessarily happen through legislative processes though some of the good came through our legislative work. Establishing a global theological education fund to help prepare persons for ministry, our commitment to mission and ministry around the world supported by a […]

Pastors find social media following

The Rev. Scott Carnes wants to see how authentically he can share his life and faith through online media. For the 32-year-old associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Pontiac, Ill., electronic communications, if used properly, present a “new frontier” that can foster personal relationships, promote connectionalism and, ultimately, contribute to the denominational goal […]

San Antonio church reaches out to the least of us

By Mike Blackwell, Special Contributor… SAN ANTONIO—Thursdays begin well before 9 a.m., with an anxious and appreciative line winding into the Community Hall of the Windcrest United Methodist Church. The day of the week clearly doesn’t matter to most of those who participate in—and benefit from—the weekly Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. Thursday is their day, […]

Q&A: Rachel Held Evans’ blog plumbs faith, finds readers

Rachel Held Evans is a blogging phenomenon, having built a huge audience, particularly among young people, for her candid, searching and often witty posts about Christian faith. (See Her first book, Evolving in Monkey Town: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions (Zondervan, 2010), describes her emergence from […]

Charles Wesley’s works amassed online

The Rev. Randy Maddox has tracked down, read, scrutinized and collected every one of the thousands of hymns and verses written by Charles Wesley (1707-1788), one of history’s greatest hymn writers and co-founder, along with his brother John, of the Methodist movement. Now, Dr. Maddox is eager to share them with the rest of the […]

No, Bishop Coyner, Judicial Council didn’t do us a favor

By Lonnie Brooks, Special Contributor… Bishop Mike Coyner offered us, in the Reporter, his views on the impact of Judicial Council Decision 1210 that struck down the plan for restructuring the general agencies of the Church.  There might be some way in which I could agree with Bishop Coyner, but I can’t think of one right […]