‘Buzz’ a hit in Minnesota

Arkansan United Methodists weren’t alone in having special music for Annual Conference.

For the Minnesota Conference gathering, the Rev. Kay Hacklander adapted the Jesus Christ Superstar tune “What’s the Buzz,” changing the lyrics so that they’re about the fight against malaria.

“Hang a [mosquito] net over every bed,” goes the new version. “We have plans for treatment—medicine for this disease we dread.”

Ms. Hacklander, a minister of worship and music, said Bishop Sally Dyck of the Minnesota Conference asked her to do the adaptation for a celebration of the conference’s success at raising funds to fight malaria.

A band played and sang the verses, and conference members chimed in on the “what’s the buzz” refrain.

Ms. Hacklander noted that there was “handclapping, swaying, smiling—a positive reaction.”

The conference has obtained about $2.5 million in gifts and pledges for Imagine No Malaria, including collecting some $22,000 at Annual Conference.

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