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Wesleyan Wisdom: Reflections on visiting Wesley’s Chapel in London

Editor’s Note: Wesleyan Wisdom columnist Donald Haynes recently traveled to England, and reports here on a visit to Wesley’s Chapel in East London. LONDON—No pilgrimage is quite so meaningful to anyone influenced by John Wesley as to walk along the concrete and glass jungle of commercial buildings which line City Road in the Moorfields section […]

Student debt crisis still unsolved

Conor McCandless, 18, is “wired for engineering or math” and he just started at Colorado School of Mines. At the moment he wants to be a chemical/biochemical engineer. He has no idea now how much debt he will incur getting to his goals and even though the U.S. Congress made a last-minute move to keep […]

Considering seminary? Ask yourself these questions

By Kenda Creasy Dean, Special Contributor Right about now, my inbox starts to fill up with inquiries about seminary. Here’s what I usually tell people who are in the seminary discernment process. It’s true what they say: What you get out of seminary depends mostly on what you put into it. There are superb faculty—and […]

GRITS’ soul food is food for the soul

By Kara Witherow, Special Contributor… BRUNSWICK, Ga.—Just a few weeks ago, Adam Sturdivant was unemployed. Recently released from prison after being incarcerated for three years, Mr. Sturdivant found it nearly impossible to find a job. Divorced and living with his parents, the father of two needed help and hope. Today he’s getting paid to do […]

Bishop Bledsoe left out of episcopal assignments

OKLAHOMA CITY – Bishop Earl Bledsoe of the UMC’s North Texas Conference will be in retired status at the end of August, according to a surprise announcement at the end of the South Central Jurisdictional Conference here late Friday night. The episcopacy committee decided Tuesday to retire Bishop Bledsoe involuntarily, citing its concerns about his administrative […]

Eleven bishops elected; episcopal assignments made

Eleven new United Methodist bishops were elected in three U.S. jurisdictions in conferences Wednesday through Friday. Jurisdictional conferences meet every four years, with half the delegates being lay people and clergy the other half. In 2010, conference realignments resulting from membership losses in the U.S. required that four of the five U.S. jurisdictions eliminate one episcopal post by […]

Avoid snare of partisan politics

By Shannon Blosser, Special Contributor… The United States is a polarized country. Everything is clouded by the win-loss arguments of politics. For instance, the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act was seen not as a constitutional exercise of judgment, but a game of politics of who won and who lost. Sadly, too […]

Q&A: ‘Spiritual but not religious’: What does that mean?

A growing number of people describe themselves now as “spiritual but not religious.” Linda Mercadante, professor of theology at Methodist Theological School in Ohio, spent years researching the beliefs of “SBNRs,” and now she’s on a mission to help churches to better engage them. Dr. Mercadante spoke by phone with staff writer Mary Jacobs; here […]

May we never see another day like it

By Rebekah Miles, Special Contributor… Please God, may we never see another day like yesterday, July 19.  At the meeting of the South Central Jurisdiction we voted to affirm the decision of our episcopacy committee to call for the involuntary retirement of one of our Bishops. We must have accountability, but no jurisdiction, no episcopacy […]

Breaking Away – UMW begins new era of independence

You could say that Cynthia Rives was raised from the cradle to be part of United Methodist Women. As a child, she attended activities with her mother, an officer in the denomination’s New Mexico Annual Conference. As a bride of 20, she joined on her own. Over the years, in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, […]