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‘I don’t mean to criticize, but …’

By Thomas Lane Butts, Special Contributor… Within our constellation of relationships we tend to be part of the problem or a part of the solution. Although we lack the wisdom and the right to become involved in the problems of everyone we meet, it is important for us to develop some understanding of why people are like […]

Aging Well: Why the church is no place for age group wars

By Missy Buchanan, UMR Columnist Lately I have been wondering, when did aging become a sport in the United Methodist Church? To participate in this cockeyed game it seems you must pledge allegiance to only one age group—young or old. Not only that, the rules state that you must fiercely oppose the other generation, all […]

Leadership lessons from Bishop Kelly

By Larry R. Hygh, Jr., Special Contributor … “I think that the responsibility as a bishop is understanding what you believe as a call of the church and in the time in which we live,” said Bishop Leontine Turpeau Current Kelly.  Bishop Kelly, who died June 28 at age 92, was one of the four […]

Private school thrives in former UM center

By Susan Green, Special Contributor… LAKELAND, Fla.—The old chapel of the former Florida United Methodist Center here is still a quiet place for study and meditation—at least as quiet as a library for grade-school kids can be. On the walls are murals depicting Florida architecture, wildlife and a rocket blasting across a starry sky over […]

Accident victim beats odds, now leads churches

By Annette Spence, Special Contributor… MEADOWVIEW, Va.—Scott Spence was a 25-year-old welder when his life was forever changed by a boiler that burst and blew scalding steam into the coal pit where he was working. The force of the blast knocked Mr. Spence to the ground, and all of his exposed skin—face, neck, wrists, back […]

In Greece, ‘Upper Room’ serves an increasing need

By Sarah Wilke, Special Contributor… Spring never came this year for my friend Fotis Romeos. Instead, the Greek editor of the Upper Room devotional guide says “it has been a raining, gray and crying season” in his economically devastated country. Fotis is a firsthand witness to the Greek debt crisis and the personal toll it […]