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Church hosts class on cooking, nutrition

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Families at risk of facing food insecurity have a new option for fighting hunger in their own households. Cooking Matters has arrived. The six-week course—a program of the national non-profit Share Our Strength—provides education on nutrition and cooking techniques for all ages. The program also includes Shopping Matters, a hands-on experience with shopping […]

Saturday Night Fervor – UMCs adding worship at new time slot

More and more faithful United Methodists are sleeping in on Sunday morning and not feeling a bit guilty. That’s because they went to church on Saturday night. Erinn Howard and her busy family are looking forward to having that option very soon. Her church, Shiloh United Methodist in Cincinnati, is adding a Saturday evening worship […]

UM relief worker undaunted in getting supplies to Isaac-hit Mississsippi

In a journey that took almost 24 hours, Bill Carr braved lashing rain, unforgiving wind and a tree branch-strewn interstate to deliver a truckload of requested relief supplies to people in hurricane-ravaged Mississippi. Carr, the disaster relief coordinator for the Memphis Conference, made the trip Aug. 29 — while Hurricane Isaac still was pummeling the […]

Applying a movie cliché to the Gospel of John

By Alyce McKenzie, Special Contributor… I recently attended a screenwriter’s conference in Taos, N.M. One of the topics we discussed was movie clichés to avoid in our scripts. It turns out that the most overworked cliché in recent decades is “You just don’t get it, do you?” Dr. Evil says it in an Austin Powers […]

Why United Methodists should have a catechism

By Teddy Ray, Special Contributor… William Abraham, of Perkins School of Theology, recounts a conversation at a United Methodist church between one of his friends and a couple who had transferred in from the Southern Baptist tradition. The former Baptists shared that where “before, as Southern Baptists, they had to accept a whole system of […]

Lay speaker twins inspire others to explore the faith

By Christine Kumar, Special Contributor… At first glance, they are typical young adults working out in the gym, meeting friends, going on dates and watching the latest movies. Jacob and James Cogman, 18, believe that young people can have fun and still be Christian. They are also certified lay speakers at Bells United Methodist Church […]

Q&A: Faith and politics in history of Kansas

Red State Religion: Faith and Politics in America’s Heartland (Princeton University Press) is the latest book by Robert Wuthnow, director of the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University. A prolific scholar, Dr. Wuthnow has written extensively on religion, culture and civil society. His research interests span the gamut from global Christianity to […]

From Katrina to Isaac, UMs respond faithfully

Susanne Gill, Special Contributor… The Gulf of Mexico is covered in a blanket of ominous clouds and her waters are churning.  As the blustery winds of Hurricane Isaac blow ashore residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast know it is an eerily familiar way to mark the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  The landmark of an anniversary […]

The good news behind the church’s struggles

By Michael Sullivan, Special Contributor… When I was in high school, I attended our parish youth group every week; I suppose the handwriting was already on the wall as to my future vocation. Frisbee, scavenger hunts and spaghetti suppers, along with some Bible studies, I remember to this day were the programs of our youth. […]

Africans praise Claremont multi-faith plan

Claremont Lincoln University, the multi-religious school founded last year in California by UM-affiliated Claremont School of Theology, met a lot of opposition by United Methodists in the United States, but received a thumbs-up by a group of African General Conference delegates. The new university offers three separate degree programs by partnering Claremont School of Theology […]