‘Secret angel’ pays off mission church’s debt

An anonymous donation has paid off the remaining debt – just over $80,000 – for the land and church building of Christ’s Foundry, a UM mission church in an Hispanic part of Dallas. The church began to use its new building at Christmas, and the building was consecrated in May. Several UM churches in the North Texas Conference had joined the congregation in raising funds, but the effort to retire the $2.5 million debt had been ongoing.

Here’s a statement from the Rev. Owen Ross, founding pastor of the church.

“Sunday, I was able to announce to the congregation of Christ’s Foundry: ‘After seven years of selling tamales, enchiladas, bells, other fundraising and much prayers, our building is now fully paid!’ The congregation erupted into applause, giving praise and thanks to God.

“We were told before the consecration that we would not be able to dedicate the building because, ‘You can’t dedicate what you don’t own.’ We will now be planning a dedication at some point in the future.

“With the building paid, we can now focus on the growing ministries to respond to the great spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of our community. God has blessed us greatly with a center of transformation and a beacon of hope in our community, but as the children’s song sings, ‘The church is not a building…. The church is the people!’

“We thank God for the generosity of our secret angel who made this generous donation, and of all of the angels who have given, prayed, and supported the mission and ministries of Christ’s Foundry United Methodist Mission. We know that the best is yet to come.”

And here’s  a statement from Candy Gross of the Texas Methodist Foundation.

“The loan was paid in full ($80,727.23) by a grant made from a donor-advised fund at the Texas Methodist Foundation.  The donor wishes to remain anonymous.  The payoff was a complete surprise for Owen and members of Christ’s Foundry.  Such extravagant generosity!

“We at the Texas Methodist Foundation appreciate the opportunity to work with donors such as this who want to make it easier for missions like Christ’s Foundry to do what they do best: share God’s love and fulfill Christ’s call to do justice and act with compassion for the sake of the marginalized and underserved in their community.  We are thrilled to help facilitate this act of generosity that will lead to many more acts of generosity through Owen and Christ’s Foundry’s life-changing ministries.”

Mr. Ross also announced the gift at Sunday’s farewell reception for Bishop Earl Bledsoe, a strong supporter of Christ’s Foundry.



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