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Learning to see the dirt on the back of Jesus’ neck

By Edgar Moore, Special Contributor… On a recent visit to Notre Dame in Paris, I was reminded of the power art wields over our imaginations and memories. The cathedral was begun in the mid-12th century, its architects assuming that the majority of folk who worshipped there would be illiterate. So the building was designed as […]

‘So cool’ when generations connect in UMC

Yes, we need young people to keep the UMC strong. I have witnessed a great presence of growth. I observed generations working together to run VBS last week. In Phoenix there is a move to bring forward a comfort zone for young adults. Some young adults have Bible study at coffee shops. Our young adults need a way […]

Teen leaders bring new life to Arkansas church choir

By Amy Forbus, Special Contributor… LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Maryssa Barron is a busy teen. She plays oboe in the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra, and she’s an honor student at Little Rock Central High. She works typical teenage part-time jobs—babysitting and mowing lawns. Oh, and she’s a music minister. Earlier this year, Maryssa’s mother, the Rev. Dr. […]

Teacher, waterman sees her work as sacred trust

By Melissa Lauber, Special Contributor… LUSBY, Md.—When water appears in the Bible, it often is a symbol that God is about to act. The same might be said of Olivet UMC in Lusby, where Rachel Dean, one of Maryland’s few female watermen, finds the gospel in her work and is seeking to share it with […]

Reflections: When it becomes difficult to believe in God

The man simply said, “I no longer believe in God.” It was said without emotion, no effort to be dramatic. Clearly, he did not intend to shock me, or otherwise create a scene. He went on, “I do not believe there is a Supreme Being who looks down to protect me or even cares about […]

History of Hymns: Famed hymn expresses writer’s longing for heaven

“Nearer, My God, to Thee” Sarah F. Adams UM Hymnal, No. 528  Nearer, my God to thee, Nearer to thee! E’en though it be a cross That raiseth me, Still all my song shall be, Nearer my God, to thee; Nearer, my God to thee, Nearer to thee. The English poet Sarah Adams (1805-1848) was […]

UM pastor observes Ramadan, and blogs about it, finding Muslim fans

DALLAS—Muslims all over the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan by going without food or drink from sunup to sundown. And fasting right along with them is a United Methodist pastor in North Texas, the Rev. Wes Magruder. He has found the regimen spiritually renewing, but also challenging.“Our Methodist fasts are very wimpy […]

Stewardship: It’s all about relationships

By Ken Sloane, Special Contributor… I worshipped in a church that had signs posted everywhere—doors coming in, doors leaving, entering the fellowship hall, even in the men’s and women’s rooms. The signs said: “It’s all about relationships.” It wasn’t the church’s mission statement, but it was a core value, and you couldn’t be in that […]