Casad leaving Connectional Table

Mary Brooke Casad is stepping down as executive secretary of the UMC’s Connectional Table.

 “As our denomination has taken on the adaptive challenge of creating, fostering and sustaining vital congregations, I have been prayerfully contemplating my role in this endeavor,” she said in a statement. “My resignation is based on a desire to be more engaged with my local church and community, and be a full ministry partner with my husband in his role as pastor.”

 Ms. Casad has led the Connectional Table since 2007. It’s comprised of UM bishops, heads of general boards and agencies, and laity and clergy from across the denomination, and coordinates missions, ministries and resources.

Under Ms. Casad, the Connectional Table took a major role in pushing Call to Action initiatives and other reforms aimed at reversing declines of the UMC in the United States.

“Her leadership of the Connectional Table has enabled our church to take giant steps in dealing with current realities while envisioning a future with hope that comes from a deep faith in Jesus Christ,” said Bishop John L. Hopkins, Connectional Table chair. “She has given servant leadership by providing radical hospitality and seeking unity in diversity around the Connectional Table that is responsible for the vision and stewardship of the mission, ministries and resources of our Church.”

Bishop Bruce Ough, incoming CT Chair, said Ms. Casad will stay on staff until a replacement is chosen. She’ll also help with the January 2013 organizational meeting.

Details about the search process will be announced next week, the CT said in a press release.

Ms. Casad lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband, the Rev. Victor Casad, who was appointed to Stonebridge United Methodist Church there in July 2011.

Along with supporting ministry at the church, Ms. Casad plans to get back to writing. She’s an author of children’s books featuring “Bluebonnet,” a Texas-born armadillo.


Sam Hodges, Former Managing Editor, UMR

Sam Hodges

Sam Hodges was the managing editor of The United Methodist Reporter from 2011-2013. A formee reporter for the Dallas Morning News and the Charlotte Observer, Sam is a respected voice in United Methodist journalism.

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