Where’s evidence for gay-is-OK?

My first question to anyone who is endorsing the idea that homosexual practice is morally acceptable is: Can you give any biblical support for your position? (See Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:18, 26-27; I Timothy 1:10).

The popular justification for acceptance and approval of such practice is that “I was born this way” or “God made me this way.” Nobody has any way of knowing whether this claim has any real merit. It has been repeated so frequently in our society that it has gained the appearance of truth.

I would hope that you would love me as your neighbor in spite of my shortcomings. But I hope that you would never just look at all my shortcomings and say it’s all right because I was born that way—I was made that way.

Each of us has to decide what our practices will be: gay, straight, celibate, promiscuous, whatever— regardless of how we think we were “made.” Whatever thoughts or feelings we decide to allow to linger in our mind or heart will be the major factor in making our decisions. That is true in any situation we are dealing with.

That’s what the real issue is.

The Rev. Milton Geisler
Retired elder, Iowa Conference

Special Contributor to UMR

Special Contributor

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Leviticus is a tough text. You reference chapter 18 verse 22. Two verses earlier is this commandment – "You shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness while she is in her menstrual uncleanness." If you go outside of chapter 18 you will find many more commandments that the church has decided to ignore. Have you ever eaten a steak medium-rare? You are in violation of this section of commands. Have you ever worn a piece of clothing that was woven of two different plant materials? You are in violation. Have you ever made love to your wife during… Read more »


Despite extensive research into biological causation of homosexuality, it has not been possible to demonstrate scientifically that homosexuality is innate, or inborn, or that there is a “gay gene” (Satinover, 1996; Sorba, 2007 b). However, there is strong scientific evidence suggesting that homosexual people are not born gay. By studying inheritability in identical twins, one can virtually eliminate variation in influence due to genetics. King and McDonald (1992) found that up to 90% of identical twin pairs can be dissimilar with respect to sexual orientation, a result that would not be possible if homosexuality were genetically determined. And, in a… Read more »

gwennap pit
gwennap pit

As we approach the 495th anniversary (October 31, 1517) of the ‘start’ of the Reformation by Martin Luther, I pray that once more the Spirit of reformation would sweep over the church. I am increasingly finding it difficult to reconcile the statements of condemnation of my homosexual brothers and sisters with the Gospel as proclaimed in the scriptures. If sexuality is a gift from God then who is the church to say that your gift as you understand it is “incompatible with Christian teaching?” “The distinguishing marks of a Methodist are not his opinions of any sort. His assenting to… Read more »

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