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Reflections: A simple nightmare—or a church yet to come?

There is nothing quite like an early summer storm. We thought the rain would never end. My wife and I talked late into the night with the rain pounding against our bedroom window. For some reason our late-night conversation turned to the recent General Conference. The conference has become a quadrennial rhythm of our married […]

Family cemetery draws minister’s interest

By Melissa Repko, The Dallas Morning News… UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas—Before the brick homes and shaded yards, the tree swings and the trimmed hedges, before there was even a town, there was a family cemetery. Daniel Family Cemetery has existed almost as long as Texas has been a state, and its more than 90 tombstones span […]

‘Older adult’ label doesn’t work for aging boomers

By Richard H. Gentzler Jr., Special Contributor Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, leading edge boomers will start turning 67 and nearly half of all boomers will be approaching or in their 60s! The generation that didn’t trust anyone over 30 is now becoming the new seniors. Boomers, a post-World War II generation, were born in the […]

Q&A: Filmmaker explores beliefs about hell

As a seminary student, Kevin Miller’s concentration was epistemology, the study of how we know what we know. You won’t hear the term in his new documentary, Hellbound?, but his background shows. The film is an entertaining and thought-provoking bit of cinematic epistemological inquiry. Mr. Miller interviewed writers, preachers and thinkers from a range of […]

UM agencies join call for peace in Congo

By Linda Bloom and Pierre T. Omadjela, United Methodist News Service NEW YORK—To call attention to continuing human rights atrocities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, United Methodists and others traveled recently to the United States and Canada to promote a petition for peace. They also testified before a U.S. congressional subcommittee and met in […]

Together in service – Three women connecting as relief leaders

When the earth is torn asunder, when famine, disease or war ravages some faraway, forgotten place, look for Nyamah Dunbar, Shannon Trilli or Melissa Crutchfield and know things will get better. If it sounds as if they should be wearing capes and leaping tall buildings, that’s because if it were possible, these three remarkable young […]

Church helps its own through trying times

By Eric Aasen, The Dallas Morning News… DALLAS—The pastor asked the Bible study group: “Does anybody need any special prayers?” After many months of not saying anything to anyone at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church, Danielle Lawhorn finally spoke up. “I need a job,” she said. “I haven’t had a job in a year.” The […]

Breaking up is hard, but right thing for the UMC

By Jack Jackson, Special Contributor… After years of debate over progressive views of lesbian and gay ordination and marriage, the United Methodist Church reaffirmed its traditional stance at the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, Fla. Due to the UMC’s growth in Africa and Asia and decline in Europe and North America, many progressives fear the […]

Webinars offer help in working with older adults

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Clergy, laity and professionals seeking a spiritual framework for their work with older adults will benefit from Faith and Aging, a new webinar series from The Upper Room that began this month. Scheduled on four successive Tuesdays beginning Oct. 9, the series is hosted by the Rev. Jerry Haas, spiritual director for The […]

United Methodist pastor back in pulpit at age 90

By Loretta Fulton, Abilene Reporter-News… ABILENE, Texas—The Rev. James Holman turned 90 on Sept. 20, just three weeks after starting his latest job. Mr. Holman didn’t plan to get a new job as he approached his 90th birthday, but some pastors don’t refuse the call to the pulpit, no matter what age. “If you’re called, […]