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Mother Teresa’s inner battle echoes words from Psalm 22

By David Van Biema, Religion News Service… On Sept. 5, 1997, the world mourned when Mother Teresa, whose work with the poorest of the poor made her a global icon, died of a heart ailment at age 87. Exactly 10 years later, the world did a double take, when a volume of Teresa’s private letters […]

Hard times call for faithful dreamers

By Michael Gehring, Special Contributor… I was the last one born in my immediate family. My father was born in 1918, and mom in 1927. I grew up with stories, stories about the Great Depression, stories about life. Some Sundays after church we’d gather at my uncle’s house. Most of my uncle and aunt’s children […]

N.C. church welcomes refugees

By Carol Fouke-Mpoyo, Special Contributor… Faith calls us to keep our hearts open, trust God and take the next step, even though we don’t quite know where to put our foot down next. That certainly has been the experience for Rhems United Methodist Church in New Bern, N.C. When encouraged to get involved with refugees, […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: A struggling congregation must first ‘re-vision’

Several years ago while in Detroit for a church consultation, I read an article in the Detroit Free Press about pigeons. I learned that as a pigeon moves forward, its eyes lose focus. This requires the pigeon to strut only a few feet before it stops and snaps its head sideways, thus reconfiguring the eyes […]

History of Hymns: Eucharist hymn reflects black gospel tradition

“Taste and See” James E. Moore The Faith We Sing, No. 2267 Taste and see, taste and see the goodness of the Lord. I will bless the Lord at all times. Praise shall always be on my lips; my soul shall glory in the Lord for God has been so good to me. *   […]

Pastor finds food is key to community comeback

By Sally Allocca, Special Contributor… In my 20 years in the East Lake neighborhood of Birmingham, Ala., I have had the opportunity to talk to seniors and others in the area about childhood memories of a vibrant, living community: walks to the corner drugstore, fresh food at local markets, movies at the area theater, and […]

Artist for life – Bill Kolok’s teaching, sculptures enrich UM institutions

William “Bill” Kolok regularly scavenges for materials to use in his stone, wood or mixed-media sculptures, and sometimes he finds old tools he can repurpose as decorative objects. It pleases him to take an object from the world of labor and extend its life through art. “The idea of the strong work ethic is important […]

The church is dying . . . and here’s why

By Don Underwood, Special Contributor… If you love the church as I do, this will not be good news. Nevertheless, the church as we know it today is dying. It is a slow death, perhaps imperceptible to most, but it is a reality that cannot be denied. I am not talking simply about my denomination, […]