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Thanks for the article by Dan Dick (Dec 14, Reporter). I find his explanation of the principles behind the leadership initiatives pushed by our leadership in the UMC helpful because it explains the contradictory approaches that have been packed into a universal approach mandated in an effort to help us. It helps me understand why it feels so frustrating at the local church level. The Vital Congregations initiative lost its way when in the Call to Action write up the indicators of vitality magically became the drivers of vitality. Staring at the speedometer in my car does not make it go faster (and in fact, staring there distracts me from other important aspects of successful driving). The speedometer does indicate the speed of the vehicle but it is not the cause or source of the speed. If only we were talking about where to get fuel or a spark to ignite that fuel, then we might be talking about the drivers of vitality. Dan Dick is one of my favorite special contributors.

David Graves
St Paul UMC
Lusby, MD

Bill Fentum, Former UMR Associate Editor

Bill Fentum

Bill Fentum was a dedicated employee of The United Methodist Reporter from 1985 to 2013, serving as the associate editor. Bill continues his work in journalism in a variety of positions as an independent journalist.

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