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Notable UM Newsmaker of 2012 – Lorenza Andrade Smith

The Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith stands just 4 ft. 11 inches, but she carries a high profile—and lifts the hearts of many—through her highly unusual ministry of living on the streets. For that, she’s a Reporter notable United Methodist newsmaker of 2012. Ms. Smith, 43 and a member of the Rio Grande Conference, lobbied for […]

Notable UM Newsmaker of 2012 – William Lawrence

There are plenty of critics of the Judicial Council’s high-profile decisions in 2012. But nobody can accuse the council of blowing with the prevailing winds, since it overruled majority actions of both General Conference and the South Central Jurisdiction. The Rev. William B. Lawrence led the Judicial Council through much of this tumultuous year, even […]

United Methodist of the Year – Adam Hamilton’s influence felt in various ways in 2012

Even more than usual, the Rev. Adam Hamilton seemed to be here, there and everywhere in 2012, earning him designation as the Reporter’s United Methodist of the Year. Mr. Hamilton, 48, is a megachurch pastor, best-selling author and much-in-demand conference speaker. He’s a board member of one of the UMC’s seminaries (recently stepping down as […]

Book Review: Pets in devotional book demonstrate God’s love

My life would be much less full without the love of my dogs. They pull me out of my introverted self and often serve as a catalyst for me to talk to perfect strangers. Animals can break down the barriers that we put up between ourselves.

Did Tolkien write ‘Christian’ fantasy novels? Yes and no

By Kay Campbell and Greg Garrison, Religion News Service… Travel along, if you dare, with Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit—either in J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved 1937 novel, or through the first installment of Peter Jackson’s film trilogy based on the book, which opened in theaters on Dec. 14. If you do, you will, essentially, be traveling […]

Agrees with Dan Dick

  Thanks for the article by Dan Dick (Dec 14, Reporter). I find his explanation of the principles behind the leadership initiatives pushed by our leadership in the UMC helpful because it explains the contradictory approaches that have been packed into a universal approach mandated in an effort to help us. It helps me understand why […]

Reflections: As we search for answers and a reason to hope

A school bus stop is located on the corner in front of our house. For years we have watched the daily ritual of children and teenagers leaving for school and returning home. Since our 11-year-old twin grandchildren live only doors away, we get a glimpse of them each day. Both with backpacks, one carrying a […]

Church teaches love in several languages

Oklahoma Conference… As you walk upstairs into The Treehouse children’s ministry area at Nichols Hills United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City on Wednesday afternoons, you hear children at play. Preschoolers are singing, dancing, coloring, and chattering away, as expected. However, the children and teachers are not speaking English, which may surprise you. Although English is […]

Websites:The new front door for every church

By Laurie Haller, Special Contributor… It’s Friday night, I’m on vacation, and I’m trying to decide where to attend church on Sunday morning. I ask Siri on my iPhone, “Find Grace United Methodist Church, Any City, U.S.A.” Before I can even blink, I’m on the website and know that Grace UMC has worship services at […]