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Q&A: New miniseries re-enacts Bible stories

She captured America’s heart every week as the divine messenger with the lilting and soothing Irish accent on Touched by an Angel. He is the creative genius behind Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice. Together, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are one of Hollywood’s most uniquely equipped married power couples. Beginning March 3, you will […]

Q&A: Bishop takes on the church, through a novel

After writing dozens of books, United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon decided to try his hand at a new genre: fiction. A lover of novels, he believes works of fiction are uniquely capable of expressing truth. “I think that fiction gets at truth in very special ways,” said Bishop Willimon, who retired in 2012 after serving […]

A Wesleyan’s five-point salute to Calvinism

By Talbot Davis, Special Contributor… I am a Wesleyan today because I was first a Calvinist. Huh? Yeah, my first extended church experience after coming to faith as a teenager was at a lovely church in Dallas called Believer’s Chapel. Though I was very new to the faith and didn’t initially have the language for […]

A gentler, kinder approach to the mission trip

By Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena, Special Contributors… When organizing an international mission trip, it is helpful to prepare your group to go with open minds and open hearts: open to learning from the people you will meet, open to listening to them and open to understanding them and how they interpret the gospel in […]

Goodbye to Lon Morris College, but not its spirit

By Ted Campbell, Special Contributor Editor’s Note: The Rev. Ted Campbell preached this sermon Saturday, Jan. 26, at the “final homecoming” for UM-affiliated Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Texas. The venerable two-year school filed for bankruptcy last summer after years of deficits, and recently saw its campus auctioned off. Morris, Morris, dear Lon Morris, Surely thou […]

History of Hymns: ‘Cast Out’ applies to all with personal demons

Dr. Bringle’s fresh and captivating texts bring biblical passages to life in unique ways. Her text “Cast Out, O Christ” (2006) focuses on the Gerasene demoniac whom Jesus healed.

Reflections: Things that fill my soul in Black History Month

The observance this year of Black History Month has nearly concluded. In many communities and churches, special times were set aside for sharing and celebrating a part of the nation’s journey. America—as a country made up of immigrants and the native peoples indigenous to the land—holds a multiplicity of cultures and places of origin. The […]

Question for UMC: Why should I trust you?

By Ben Boruff, Special Contributor… As conversations about denominational vitality and increasingly global mission efforts move to the forefront of the UMC’s mind—as they should—trust-related issues pepper our thoughts. In a recent United Methodist News Service report about the Connectional Table, Bishop Bruce Ough, the group’s new chair, noted “the intense level of distrust that […]

Commentary: Sundance – Imagining the world as it ought to be

It’s been said that Hollywood films comfort the afflicted while Sundance films afflict the comfortable. Film offers a vicarious entry to the world the way it is, and the films I saw at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival left me longing for a different world—the world the way it ought to be. It ought to […]

University church keeps young adults engaged

By Renee Elder, Special Contributor… Many United Methodist congregations watch helplessly as their high school graduates fade from view, “graduating out of the church” as they leave high school, says the Rev. Dana McKim, pastor of The Village Church at Pfeiffer University. “Local churches don’t know what to do with them,” Mr. McKim explains. “Sunday […]