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Global Ministries photographer had eye on King

A year to the day before the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated, the civil rights leader made a major public speech against the war in Vietnam. John C. Goodwin, then 25 years old, was at Riverside Church in New York to document it. His photographs of King from that day and several other […]

If we ‘walk beside’ Jesus, the church can be renewed

By Karen Greenwaldt, Special Contributor… When have you intentionally walked beside a group of people who intend to renew the church so that it reaches more people on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ? “Walking beside” is a tremendous privilege filled with creative potential and possibility. Such journeys offer the gift of hearing and […]

Young volunteers make impact in Vegas

LAS VEGAS—To take church outside the four walls of a building and into the community, those who attended the young adult conference Relevance X helped clean up parts of the city as part of Impact Las Vegas. On Feb. 16, more than 500 volunteers loaded onto buses and headed into the city. The volunteers, more […]

Faith in Christ calls us to seek justice, end poverty

By Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball, Special Contributor… I was recently reminded in a sermon shared by the Rev. Mark Flynn, superintendent of the Greenbrier District in the West Virginia Conference, that Jesus became angry over very few things. One of the rare times when the Scriptures record Jesus’ anger was when the disciples spoke sternly […]

Bishop on front lines of immigration battle

By Lilly Fowler, Religion News Service… PASADENA, Calif.—When United Methodist Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño talks about tussling with political bigwigs on the topic of immigration reform, she is poised, yet forceful. As the first female Hispanic bishop elected in the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination, Bishop Carcaño has had a lot of practice keeping her cool, […]

Relevance X/LEAD 2013 – Young UMs gather, seek ways to transform the world

LAS VEGAS—“How many of you are tired of hearing the United Methodist Church is dying?” Those were Glen Simpson’s first words to participants at Relevance X 2013, a three-day leadership conference in Las Vegas Feb. 15-17 for young people 18 to 30. Through energetic worship services, sermons, dialogue and a unique “field trip,” participants focused […]

Harry Reems’ legacy far more than porn films, says UM pastor who saw him change

By Mark Heiss, Special Contributor… Most people over 50 probably recall the name Harry Reems, the movie he starred in, “Deep Throat,” and the numerous moral and legal battles surrounding issues of pornography and free speech in the early 1970s.  Harry died the other day.  From fame and celebrity, and $30,000-a-week paychecks making porn movies, […]

Q&A: Don’t underestimate ‘mainline’ influence

Robert P. Jones is the CEO of Public Religion Research Institute in Washington, D.C., a nonpartisan nonprofit that focuses on the intersection of religion, values and public life. Dr. Jones, who earned an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in religion from UMC-affiliated Emory University, writes “Figuring Faith” for the On Faith […]

UMs welcome Pope Francis

By Heather Hahn and Amanda Bachus, United Methodist News Service… United Methodists and other Methodists offered prayers and warm wishes to Pope Francis, the first pope from the Americas, who now will set the tone for the Roman Catholic Church’s ecumenical relations with other Christian traditions. Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church selected Cardinal Jorge […]

More than ‘strangely warmed’

I have appreciated Dr. Donald Haynes’ good articles about John Wesley and our Methodist roots. I would like to add an insight to his reference about Wesley’s Aldersgate experience in the March 1 Reporter. Dr. Haynes reports, “After feeling his heart ‘strangely warmed,’ Wesley returned home to write the words we all have memorized about […]