Thomas V. Wolfe named president of Iliff School of Theology

Thomas Wolfe

The Rev. Thomas V. Wolfe has been named president of Iliff School of Theology in Denver, a United Methodist School.

He’ll be the 14th president of Iliff, and comes from Syacuse University, where he has been senior vice president and dean.

“We are excited to have Dr. Wolfe join us,” said Jim Wilkins, chairperson, Board of Trustees, Iliff School of Theology.  “He currently leads more than 350 Syracuse University employees in the areas of Health and Wellness; Discovery and Engagement, Inclusion, Community and Citizenship; and Central Services.  His leadership and management skills will greatly benefit Iliff as the school moves forward with a number of strategic initiatives.”

Earlier, Dr. Wolfe served as dean and chaplain at Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse and was a pastor of United Methodist parishes in New York.  He serves as a trustee of Lycoming College and the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC).  He also is a senator of the University Senate of the UMC where he has served as secretary from 2008-2012 and will complete a presidential term from 2013-2016.  He is an active member of many civic groups, including InterFaith Works and Vera House.

“As an ordained elder with the Upper New York Conference of the UMC, Dr. Wolfe has an impressive academic background with a bachelor of arts degree from Lycoming College, a master of divinity degree from Pacific School of Religion, and a doctoral degree in higher education administration from Syracuse University,” added Mr. Wilkins.  “His academic background and managerial skills will benefit our students, staff, and faculty.”

Dr. Wolfe will begin in his new position August 1.



Sam Hodges, Former Managing Editor, UMR

Sam Hodges

Sam Hodges was the managing editor of The United Methodist Reporter from 2011-2013. A formee reporter for the Dallas Morning News and the Charlotte Observer, Sam is a respected voice in United Methodist journalism.

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