Door open to Southern Baptist Scout groups

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United Methodist Men have a message for Scouts: If they no longer have a home at a Southern Baptist church, United Methodist congregations would be happy to welcome them.

The Commission on United Methodist Men oversees Scouting ministries and civic youth-serving agencies across the denomination.

“Our office has already received notices of invitation from local churches and United Methodist annual conferences,” Gil Hanke, the commission’s top executive, said in a statement. “They are welcoming Scouts, leaders and their families to join existing or new Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops hosted and staffed in United Methodist churches, if their current scouting program needs to find a new home.”

The United Methodist agency was responding to a resolution approved June 12 by Southern Baptist Convention delegates — called messengers — meeting in Houston.

The resolution stopped short of urging Southern Baptist churches to disassociate from the Boy Scouts of America after the group’s National Council voted in May to allow gay members.

However, according to the Baptist Press, the resolution expressed “opposition to and disappointment in the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to change its membership policy.” The Southern Baptist Convention agreed to support churches and families who drop ties with the Boy Scouts.

The resolution also pushed the national Boy Scouts organization “to remove from executive and board leadership the individuals who earlier sought to allow gays as both members and leaders without consulting the many religious groups that sponsor Scout troops.”

After the Boy Scouts of America vote, United Methodist Men leaders also criticized the organization for not consulting its Religious Relationships Task Force but did not call for the removal of any leaders.

Agency leaders also noted their continued support for Boy Scouts. The membership policy change takes effect Jan. 1, 2014.

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*Hahn is a multimedia news reporter for United Methodist News Service.


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Persons with a homosexual orientation are as varied as persons with a heterosexual orientation are. When people talk about "the gay lifestyle," I respond by asking them, "So what is the heterosexual lifestyle, Hugh Hefner or the Waltons?"


The United Methodist Church and the Southern Baptist Church are as ONE on the Gay issue read our book of discipline!


Is the motive/agenda here to encourage scouts to affiliate with UM churches to help instill Christian/Biblical ethics and morals into the scouts and acknowledge that according to the Scriptures, homoesexuality is a perversion of God's plan and is indeed sinful? Or is is another step down a very slippery slope that gives the impression to people that the UMC is accepting of openly gay scouts and that lifestyle? I can see the "reconciling churches" being party to that, as they are already apostate. Sadly, the "reconciling" movement will not rest until they destroy the UMC from the inside out.

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