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An open letter to the Desert Southwest Annual Conference

by Rev. Gil Caldwell* To: Bishop Robert Hoshibata/Desert Southwest Conference From: Rev. Gil Caldwell/Retired Elder, Rocky Mountain Conference Dear Bishop Hoshibata, It was with great joy that I read of the decision of the Desert Southwest Conference to support marriage equality for same sex couples. I amwriting these words on the morning of July 4, 2013, […]

Editor’s Picks — July 4, 2013

Here are some of the things we’ve been reading this week that related to life in our United Methodist Church: The woman behind Susan L. Oppat at Faith And Leadership profiles Jenee Woodard, the United Methodist woman that more than a few pastors are dependent on in sermon writing these days.  What makes for […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: What don’t we understand about conversion?

I love words and my curiosity is piqued when I see one whose meaning I do not know.  One that jumped at me recently was “entropy.”  Why?  Because it  regards the untapped  potential for revitalizing a movement!   It means the potential energy not being utilized in a closed system needing change!    In information theory, “entropy” […]

Wilson: Bishop’s decision was political and not spiritual

by Jarrell Wilson* There is only word that comes to mind to describe the action of Bishop Dorff concerning the rule of law called for by Reverend John Elford – cowardly. Cowardly is the word that comes to mind, but a word that suits it better is political. Bishops are good politicians, and politicians get […]

Lambrecht: Bishop and BOM justified in decision

 By Rev. Thomas A. Lambrecht* Bishop Jim Dorff has issued a ruling upholding (by default) the decision by the clergy session of the Southwest Texas Annual Conference to remove Ms. Mary Ann Kaiser from candidacy for ordained ministry.  Ms. Kaiser is an avowed lesbian living in a partnered relationship with another woman, and with the […]

Bishop makes ruling in Southwest Texas Ordination Case

SAN ANTONIO, Tex — Bishop James E. Dorff of the San Antonio Episcopal Area of the United Methodist Church issued his ruling of law today regarding the discontinuance of the candidacy of Mary Ann Kaiser, determining that the request for a ruling was “moot and hypothetical” and that he would offer “…no decision on the […]

Former United Methodist missionary to lead United Methodist Committee on Relief

By Melissa Hinnen* The Rev. Dr. Denise Honeycutt, a pastor from Virginia and former Global Ministries missionary who has a background in the local church, global mission, and theological education has been nominated by the personnel committee of the General Board of Global Ministries to serve as the new deputy general secretary of the United […]