GBOD board meets in historic Denver session

NASHVILLE, Tenn  – The board of directors of the General Board of Discipleship joined Denver-area church leaders in mission work and conversations about  agency’s service to local congregations during an historic August meeting held for the first time away from GBOD’s offices in Nashville.

The meeting was hosted Aug. 1-3 in Denver by Bishop Elaine Stanovsky of the Denver episcopal area, who chairs the board.

“The smaller board size made it possible for GBOD to meet outside Nashville for the first time in its 40-year history,” Stanovsky said.

Gathering with conference leaders and clergy and laity from local congregations allowed GBOD board and staff to “experience the challenges and joys of vital ministry in a variety of forms,” the bishop said.

“Interaction between board members and staff and local leaders was absolutely electric, helping leaders learn the variety of resources available through GBOD and the board learn firsthand the extraordinary frustration and creativity of local pastors and lay leaders,” she said.

The board hosted a dinner with area pastors and laity at Hope United Methodist Church in nearby Greenwood Village and talked about local ministries. The board and staff also participated in a local mission effort, After Hours, which serves lunch and communion to homeless people in downtown Denver each day. The ministry also meets for worship and Bible study in various bars during the week.

One afternoon, the board met at Trinity UMC, Denver’s first church, to learn about the historical place of worship and about its present-day ministries that reach hundreds of people in the Denver area.

Progress in the board’s search for a new GBOD General Secretary was discussed during two executive sessions.

“The committee reported it had received 34 applications,” the bishop said. “It has narrowed the field to four strong candidates to interview. Our hope is to bring a nominee to the board in October for election.”

Current General Secretary Karen Greenwaldt is retiring from the agency’s top leadership post in December after 13 years. The new General Secretary will assume the position on Jan. 1.


This story provided by the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church

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