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KidMin Insights: As you plan for 2014: Say no to say yes

It’s summer time! That means summer camp, VBS season, summer servant teams, vacation—and ministry planning for the upcoming year.  Before opening our calendars, we already know the year is full. There are the programs and events we love to do, the programs and events we have to do, and the programs we do because we’ve […]

Walden’s Words: Not a vacation for everyone

Military time is not the same as civilian time. Having served as an Air Force Chaplain Reservist for over a decade, I continue to enjoy this aspect of my life. It has been one of the best professional decisions in my pastoral ministry.  I served at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina, Selfridge Military […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Crisis – the prelude to conversion

The adults who never remember the time where “we did not see ourselves as Christians” have been fewer and fewer as Sunday School attendance has declined.  Religious conversions  by  osmosis have about gone the way of the  dinosaurs.   Even in families loyal to The United Methodist Church, we have lots of teenagers who are not […]