Syria: A Call to Discernment and Engagement

*by Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr

Fighting in Aleppo, Syria Photo courtesy of Freedom House via

Because we are weary of two extended wars over the past twelve years;

And because these two extended wars have done great harm to people in these countries and to our own sons and daughters;

And because the civil wars in these countries are profoundly complex and defy quick solutions;

And because persecuted Christians in Syria anticipate increased danger to them in the event of a military strike;

And because violence always leads to violence, and retaliation to retaliation;

May we seek first to do no harm, resisting the temptation to return violence for violence;

May we stay engaged in the present trauma of the Syrian people, but with a broad coalition of partners;

May we not lose interest in Syria because we are not at war with them;

May we pray for those in positions of leadership, that our hearts of stone will become hearts of flesh;

May we claim the truth of our prayer:  “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

*Carter is the resident bishop of the Florida Area of the United Methodist Church.


  1. Bishop, this is so profoundly on t arget and personally helpful to me. I ts being succinct sharpens its impact. Lead on!

    don haynes


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