Recently Read: Dan Dick reflects on “Shmoo Church”

Dan Dick, Director of Connectional Ministries for the Wisconsin Annual Conference and a former GBOD staff member writes about the UMC as a “Shmoo Church”:

Among young adults with little or no interest in The United Methodist Church, a key reason for their indifference — to downright disdain — is a church perfectly happy with its complacency and bottom-heavy sedentariness.  A thirty-something named Kathy told me, “I want someone to challenge me — to urge me to DO something.  Every church I’ve ever gone to SAYS they want people to get involved, but they define involvement as “sit down and shut up, unless you’re asked a question.”  It’s like I come in excited and all my excitement gets sucked out of me.”

via Shmoo Church | United Methodeviations.

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