General Board of Global Ministries Launches Generation Transformation

New York — The United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries is launching Generation Transformation, a new movement that provides mission service opportunities for young adults ages 18-30.

“Global Ministries is committed to offering mission service opportunities for young people all around the globe,” says Judy Y. Chung, associate general secretary of missionary services. “As young people are mobilized to serve in mission, integrating faith and justice, the movement will inspire and transform the world.”

Three different programs offer a variety of options for young adults who are interested in missionary service:

  • Global Mission Fellows sends young adults ages 20-30 out of their home context for two years of mission service. This is a faith- and justice-centered opportunity that grew out of the historic US-2 and Mission Intern programs. The Global Mission Fellows aim to engage with local communities, connect the church in mission and grow in personal and social holiness. “The program’s revised structure will better reflect Global Ministries’ motto of ‘connecting the church in mission’,” writes Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, the program’s executive secretary. “Local United Methodist leaders — be they lay leaders, pastors, missionaries and/or campus ministers — will provide mentorship and support, helping Fellows navigate opportunities and challenges that arise when pursuing a life of mission.”
  • Global Justice Volunteers is a short-term service opportunity for young adults ages 18-30. Small teams of volunteers spend 10 weeks during June, July and August exploring the links between faith and social justice. They work with grassroots organizations around the world.
  • Individual Volunteers offers individuals and couples the flexibility to volunteer for a period of two months to two years. Volunteers serve at placement sites all over the world, including the United States. Every effort is made to accommodate placement preferences.

Applications are now open for Global Mission Fellows and Global Justice Volunteers. The rolling application deadlines are Nov. 15 and Jan. 15. Young people all around the world are encouraged to apply now! These programs develop strong young leaders who are committed to building just communities and a peaceful world.

Learn more about Generation Transformation at or email Follow @umcmissionGT on Twitter for program updates. Please keep these young adults in prayer along with the communities they will serve. Financial support can be made through Advance #13105Z.


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