Recently Read: It’s time for Mark Tooley to stop bullying Stanley Hauerwas and other pacifists

Morgan Guyton takes on Mark Tooley (president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy) for Tooley’s continued attacks on politicians and church leaders calling for peace:

When people make these kinds of accusations flippantly without substantiation, they need to be called to account. Tooley doesn’t give any supporting evidence for this tremendous theological claim, which essentially accuses all Christian pacifists of heresy. The irony about this line of attack is that an alien perusing Tooley’s Institute for Religion and Democracy website would probably come to the conclusion that September 11th is a bigger religious holiday for American Christians than Good Friday itself. Tooley actually praises Billy Graham for being a “priest of American civil religion” in his sermon on September 11th, a label which I’m not sure Graham would embrace too eagerly.

via It’s time for Mark Tooley to stop bullying Stanley Hauerwas and other pacifists | Mercy not Sacrifice.

What do you think of Guyton’s argument? Click here to read the full story.

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