A prayer for the victims of the Washington Navy Yard shootings

*by Jay Voorhees

Master of the Universe,
it has happened again.
We don’t know the details,
even as the news crews report breathlessly
every scrap of information that floats by in the wind.
We don’t know the perpetrator of this violence,
nor their motive for their crimes.
What we know
is that once again people are glued to their TV’s
and are filled with fear,
for in spite our our illusions of order and control
we are faced with the truth that we live in a world of brokenness.
We pray for all this day who are directly affected by this tragedy,
the families of those who have been killed,
those who have been wounded,
the first responders and caregivers who rushed in to help
and will be tormented by nightmares of horror,
all those this day whose lives are changed by this act of violence.
We also pray for the perpetrator of this crime
and his/her family that must deal with this in their lives.
As we watch, listen and read the latest,
help us to remember that they only weapon against fear is love,
the only ammunition against terror
is the knowledge that you are with us
providing light in the midst of the darkness,
and hope in the midst of our hopelessness.
Move those of us who are United Methodist
to seek after peace,
to offer love,
and to proclaim the truth that you are with us
in good times and bad,
and that nothing can ever separate us from your love.
In the name of the one who experienced death
and triumphed over it
so that we might be freed from its power,

*The Rev. Jay Voorhees is the pastor of the Old Hickory United Methodist Church in Old Hickory, TN and the Executive Editor of The United Methodist Reporter. 

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