Recently Read: PBS show examines UM position on same/sex marriages

The PBS program Religion and Ethics Newsweekly featured the debate in the UMC around same-sex marriage 

REV. OGLETREE: I was inspired by Dr. King during my participation in the Civil Rights Movement when he said that an unjust law is no law. These are unjust laws, and therefore they do not really have the authority of law, even though technically they are established in the discipline.

REV. ROB RENFROE (Woodland United Methodist Church): We can’t all be a community and just decide that some laws are ones that appeal to us, others we think are unreasonable and we can go do whatever we want to without there being some kind of repercussions.

Unfortunately we can’t yet embed the video into our site here, so you will need to click here to see the video or read the transcript.

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