Recently Read: Church Staffing and Justice

teddyrayTeddy Ray talks about the topic that no one really wants to talk about: compensation levels and the disparity between ordained elders and other church staff:

But if our leaders really believe that life is barely affordable on our clergy minimum compensation package, why aren’t they horrified that most of our other full-time workers aren’t making anything close to that level? Can it be anything short of hypocrisy for our leaders to lament (based on deceptive data) that some clergy qualify for food stamps, all the while knowing that nearly all of our non-clergy staff are compensated even less?

via Church Staffing and Justice: Two stories, some numbers, and some questions « teddy ray.

You’ll want to click on the link to read the full article. Then, once you do, what do you think? Should churches be more equitable in their compensation structures? Are elders paid too much compared to lay staff? How should we proceed?

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Recently Read

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