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Thomas-Kemper_sqNEW YORK, NY — As a part of the fall meeting of the General Board of Global Ministries this week, General Secretary Thomas Kemper offered a lengthy report to the board on the work of the agency:

I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that in recent years this mission agency, as representative of the Sturdy Ship Church, experienced a squall, maybe several squalls, and, like the boat in this biblical account, we had waves breaking over us. While we never drowned—we actually fared well in the wind and rain—we experienced seriously troubled water, marked by rapid shifts in leadership, budget and staff reductions, the pain of program refocus, and a turbulent 2012 General Conference.

We may not be “completely calm,” as Mark says of the sea in his story; we are sailing in less turbulent water and a more stable boat. The turbulence that frightened us—and yes, we did endure fear—seems to be past. I firmly believe that Jesus rescued us by giving us patience, the capacity to listen, and trust in the grace of God. God is seeing us into a great future.

via The Work to Which We Are Called Report – General Board of Global Ministries.

Click on the link above to read his full report.

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