Churches Worshipping In Pink during October

October is breast cancer awareness month, and in response several congregations throughout the U.S. will be “worshipping in pink.”

Worship In PinkAn initiative of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Worship in Pink invites local churches to focus on the issue of breast cancer throughout the month of October. The program is a grassroots initiative that provides opportunities for congregations of all faiths to spread life-saving messages about breast health and early detection, encouraging women to receive regular mammograms, and honoring breast cancer survivors.

The Wellspring United Methodist Church in Shrewsbury Massachusetts is taking that idea even further with its “Splash of Colors in Ribbons” service on October 12. While honoring breast cancer victims and survivors (symbolized by the pink ribbon), the church will also be thinking about those who fight against other forms of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer (purple), lung cancer (clear), ovarian cancer (teal), brain cancer (grey), prostate cancer (light blue), bladder cancer (yellow), childhood cancer (gold), leukemia (orange), colon cancer (royal blue), melanoma (black), kidney cancer (green), liver cancer (emerald green), and lymphomas (lime).

“We believe in holistic ministry, the well-being of the whole person,” said Sabina Terrades, coordinator of the event. “The church is not just for preaching but should also provide information that will also lead to life. Jesus came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. If we talk about cancer awareness in the church, a trusted place for the parishioners, they can connect the issue with their faith and take the information to the community at large. The United Methodist Church should not be silent about it. It is an issue of life.”

Faith communities participating in Worship in Pink can participate in a number of activities organized by local chapter groups, or they can provide their own program. Providing educational materials, bringing in guest speakers, handing out pink flowers or ribbons, and/or encouraging members to dress in pink are all suggested ideas for a Worship in Pink experience.

For more information on Worship in Pink, visit Susan G Komen for the Cure at

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