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Recently Read: When Covenants Compete in the UMC.

Jeremy Smith, Minister of Discipleship at the Portland First UMC, and prolific blogger at Hacking Christianity, weighs on the issue of competing covenants: But the point is that in all these cases, the person is placed before the Covenant without negating the importance of the Covenant. When covenants conflict, one does not have to look […]

Episcopal dissent not a new phenomenon

Retired United Methodist Bishop Mary Anne Swenson’s dissent from the statement issued by the Council of Bishops Executive Committee asking Bishop Melvin Talbert to refrain from presiding at the celebration of marriage for Bobby Prince and Joe Openshaw tomorrow in Birmingham may seem unique to the current generation of United Methodists. But as Deen Thompson, […]

Recently Read: Many weigh in on Talbert action

Former UMR editor Sam Hodges offered a digest today on the UMCConnections blog of the various statements and blog posts written in response to Bishop Melvin G. Talbert’s plan to preside at a same-sex wedding tomorrow. Click here to read that story. Recently Read Recently Read posts are stories the editors of The United Methodist […]

Bishop Swenson dissents from COB Birmingham statement

RMNBlog, run by the Reconciling Ministries Network, published a dissent by Bishop Mary Ann Swenson today from the statement issued by the Council of Bishops Executive Committee urging Bishop Melvin Talbert to refrain from conducting a same-sex wedding. Swenson, who was listed as a member of the Executive Committee issuing the report, said that she […]

Worship Director named for 2016 General Conference

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Rev. Laura Jaquith Bartlett of Eagle Creek, Ore. has been named worship and music director for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference by the Commission on the General Conference. “Laura will coordinate the worship that focuses us for the General Conference work of the global United Methodist Church,”said Sara Hotchkiss, business […]

Reconciling Ministries Network director responds to the Council of Bishops Executive Committee

In a statement released on RMNBlog (the blog site for the Reconciling Ministries Network(RMN))  Matt Barryman, RMN Executive Director expressed disappointment with the October 23 letter from the United Methodist Council of Bishops Executive Committee asking Bishop Melvin G. Talbert to refrain from performing a same-sex wedding ceremony this Saturday. Berryman focused particularly on the […]

Bishop Talbert refuses Council of Bishops request

In a report at, Bishop Melvin G. Talbert has announced that he will be not be following the request of the United Methodist Council of Bishops and Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett to refrain from conducting a same-sex marriage celebration this Saturday: In response to requests from Wallace-Padgett and the executive committee of the United Methodist […]

Recently Read: Church giving reaches Depression-era record lows

Katherine Burgess of Religion News Service writes about the latest Empty Tomb report which documents the decrease in giving among Protestants: The percentage of a church member’s income given to the church dropped to 2.3 percent in 2011 (the latest year for which numbers are available), down from 2.4 percent in 2010, according to the Empty […]

Aging Well: Valuing seniors as a counter-cultural act of love

A few years ago I was having coffee and casual conversation with the marketing director of a large retirement community that has both independent and assisted living facilities on its well-manicured campus. She was a vivacious forty-something woman who was struggling to meet her quarterly sales quota. In a moment of frustration, she blurted out […]

Good News responds to plans for same-sex union by Pennsylvania 30

Good News, an evangelical/conservative advocacy group in the United Methodist Church (UMC), released a statement today responding to the announcement last week that 30 UMC clergy would be presiding over a same-sex union service as a sign of solidarity with the Rev. Frank Schaefer. Schaefer will be tried by a church court in November for […]