IRD sponsors petition affirming “biblical marriage”

Affirm UMC MarriageThe UMAction division of The Institute on Religion and Democracy(IRD) has created a web petition for United Methodists asking them to affirm that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman, that sex is reserved with the covenant of a monogamous, heterosexual marriage, and prohibiting clergy and churches from celebrating same-sex rites. The site, located at, asks United Methodists who want to retain the current language of the United Methodist Book of Discipline to make their position known through signing on to the petition.

“A lot of members of our denomination’s growing orthodox majority are feeling upset over the actions and all the disproportionate attention given to those undermining the UMC,” said John Lomperis, the United Methodist director at IRD .  “Our petition gives people a simple, constructive way to stand together for biblical faithfulness, seeking God’s best for ALL people, and keeping our word to God and each other in our church.”

Recent events, including the trial of the Rev. Frank Schaefer and the presiding at a same-sex wedding by Bishop Melvin Talbert and the subsequent request by the Council of Bishops that he face discipline for his actions have pushed the United Methodist debate on the inclusion of GLBTQ persons in the life of the church, as well as the church’s role in affirming same-sex marriage, into the headlines. The IRD sponsored site suggests that this represents an attempt by liberal clergy and churches to circumvent the normal legislative process of the General Conference, which creates church law every four years.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy is an independent conservative think tank located in Washington D.C.

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Way to go WAD!! Are you a umc pastor?


I read this, and honestly thought it was a post from The Onion. Biblical marriage? Are you serious? Which part are you upholding? Where I have to marry my rapist? Or where my husband can have other wives and concubines? Or, or…. I'm tiired of the radicals at both ends. Here's a crazy thought…how about we take all the time, money, energy and resources we are spending fighting about this, and use it to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

John JP Patterson

Hmmm… Since one side refuses to compromise and the other side refuses to accept second class status… I wonder, how will the United Methodist Church be divided when, not if, it officially splits. In 1844 the church was divided, north and south, free and slave. Will it be red state and blue state… rural and urban… or north and south, again?


I think they should also propose adding a clause to the Board of Discipline saying that UMC ministers cannot preside at the wedding of any person who has had pre-marital or extra-marital sex or is guilty of masturbation, fornication, or adultery. Alas, that would mean that UMC ministers could marry no one. Of course, these people are not really interested in biblical faithfulness or "sexual purity," they are simply interested in oppressing homosexuals.


Much of the heirarchy espouses the notion that scripture is progressive and that the umc is progressive. I support the IRD and believe it is good to have a conservative entity that is not afraid to report what is going on in today's "christian" church. A pastor in the little church I attend (who has since been transfered) told me that the only thing that keeps the umc on trac is the Methodist Church in Africa. Thank you African Bishops for plowing a straight row………………

Doug Hyndrich

As a United Methodist pastor, I support marriage between one man and one woman. Those who stand opposed to same sex marriage also have the right to be heard.

Rev. Robert Fulton

Hmm. I know biblical Hebrew and koine Greek. They are standing on the right side.

Favorite Son

I support the petition.

Susan Barron

United Methodist Action?? Sorry, IRD, I won't support hate.

Maureen Jones
I can not in good conscience support this petition. I am sad to see this division becoming more and more bitter and the fundamentalist view of homosexuality to be rooted in such fear and revulsion. I pray that God will change the hearts of the persecutors and open their eyes to the fact that every soul on earth is worthy of loving and of being loved. A marriage between two people whatever their sexual identity is a covenant no less deserving of affirmation and support than of any other. To expect a father to choose between his child and his… Read more »
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