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Wesleyan Wisdom: Learning from those who don’t like us

John Wesley read more widely than almost any man of his time.  He was an acquaintance  of his contemporary, John Locke, the deist whose writing inspired James Madison and Thomas Jefferson’s “enlightened” view of humankind.  Locke, Adam Smith, David Hume, and Montesquieu of  France all rejected the Christian doctrine of original sin — yet Wesley […]

Recently Read: More pastors sign on to preside at same-sex wedding next week

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this morning that additional pastors are signing on to participate in the same-sex celebration of marriage service scheduled for next Saturday in Philadelphia. Thirty pastors in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference had previously announced that they would be presiding at the service to be in solidarity with the Rev. Frank Schaefer, […]

Recently Read: UM COSROW conducts survey on descriptions of God

The Christian Post published an interesting story this morning on a recent survey done by the UM Commission on Status and Role of Women: Thousands of people have taken part in an online survey done by a United Methodist Church commission which was about the issue of gender descriptions and images people use for God. […]

The paradox of our time: We are at an end and a beginning

*By Rev. Tom Hazelwood, Director of Connectional Ministries, Memphis Conference The paradox before the United Methodist Church is this: we are in the throes of what some say is death; yet I believe we are actually in the pangs of birth. “Doing church” as we have for the last hundred years is simply not sustainable and […]