Recently Read: ‘War on Christmas’ rings hollow for some

20121203-oreillyxmasDo you have folks in your church who regularly talk about the “War on Christmas”? The Nashville Tennessean published an article this morning suggesting that prominent evangelicals are beginning to push back on this concern”

It’s strange that folks would argue about saying “Merry Christmas” in public when Jesus Christ himself instructed his followers to make peace with religious opponents, said Dan Scott, senior pastor of interdenominational, evangelical Christ Church in Nashville. There may be extreme cases where Christians in America face opposition for their beliefs, Scott said, but it’s more likely that some suddenly are realizing they live in a religiously diverse nation.

“We really need a way to treat the public square as the public square and private realms as private realms and not feel demonized because we come from a certain perspective,” Scott said. “It’s not a very popular viewpoint these days.”

via ‘War on Christmas’ rings hollow for some | The Tennessean |

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