Frank Schaefer to preach at D.C.’s Foundry UMC this Sunday

Foundry UMC, Washington, D.C.

Foundry UMC, Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. — The Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. announced this morning that Frank Schaefer, the former UM clergy person who was defrocked yesterday, will be preaching in both worship services this Sunday, and will hold a press conference following the 11 a.m. worship service.

“We had invited Frank to preach at Foundry the last Sunday of January, said the Rev. Dean Snyder, Senior Pastor at Foundry. “When I heard his credentials had been “deemed surrendered” in a 20 or so minute meeting with the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, I thought: He needs to be somewhere where he will be appreciated and loved this Sunday. So I invited him to come preach at Foundry.”

The 11 .m. service will be broadcast live on the Internet. That video will be available via The United Methodist Reporter and on the Foundry UMC website.

Rev. Dean Snyder, Sr. Pastor

Rev. Dean Snyder
Sr. Pastor

The Foundry UMC has been a long-time advocate for GLBTQ persons in the life of the United Methodist Church. “Our congregation  on any given Sunday is about a quarter to a third openly LGBTQ people,” Snyder said. “Every mission, every team, every committee  , every activity and every board at Foundry includes gay people. A significant portion of our budget, capital campaign, and apportionments are tithed by gay people. We love being United Methodist but to treat a pastor this way for celebrating his gay son’s wedding and refusing to apologize for it leaves a bitter taste in our hearts.”

Foundry will also be taking up a collection for Mr. Schaefer, both in the services this Sunday, and via their website. Snyder said that they the church recognized that Schaefer’s actions have led to the loss of his income. They are hoping to collect funds to help Schaefer and his family. Rev. Snyder shared that  over $5000 has been raised to assist Ms. Schaefer in the short time that the donation link has been active on the Foundry website.

“We here at Foundry need encouragement,” Synder said. “This has been miserable … to see a person tried, spiritually battered, defrocked because he refuses to treat LGBTQ people like second class Christians — or worse,  incapable of loving and committed marriages because of their God-given identity.”
“We think Frank and Foundry can be an encouragement to each other.”
Click here to watch the live stream of Schaefer’s sermon at 11:00 a.m. EST.
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Thank God for Foundry Church and its support for Rev. Schaefer. This almost persuades me to remain a United Methodist. I hope, however, that Foundry will lead us to form a new denomination in which there is no ambiguity about the acceptance of gay and lesbian Christians.


My duty as a Christian is to advise you that promoting homosexual activity is not in accordance with God’s teaching. I am in agreement that gay and lesbians can come to church in order to find the way and the truth. Something tells me that God would say something like, Go and Sin no more does that sound familiar.


Foundry’s reputation is well known
They are are church located in the right place for political activism which is what they do best.

The big names are now in play.
It is not by chance CNN, The Washington Post and other networks are carrying the story. It is not by chance Savage and other big names GLBTQ activists are weighing in on the defrocking. Who is scheduling, financing and promoting these interviews?
Foundry may not be in official civil court but they have certainly taken the church to the court of public opinion and violating everything the Apostle Paul condemned in 1Corinthians 6.

DL Herring

The decision of the Council of Bishops and Board of Ordained Ministry should have taken one step further: Mr Shaefer should have been barred from preaching from any UM pulpit. The “message” he preaches is not consistent with Biblical teaching.

I’m not at all concerned about Mr Shaefer’s future financial income. He is sure to write a best-selling book and profit from the talk-show circuit. My bet is Oprah has already called for an exclusive interview.

Doug Sibley

If everything expressed in the Book of Discipline were consistent with Christ’s teachings, we wouldn’t be having this discussion today. Did Christ marry? Were Mary and Joseph married?


Marry? Christ = no. Mary and Joseph = yes.

Robert Amrine

I would really like to see more consistent defrocking and loss of benefits and credentials to all who violate the Book of Discipline. I would take a hard look at at the District Superintendent that Frank Schafer notified six yrs ago that he was going to break his vows and officiate a same sex marriage for his son. I hear nothing about any charges against that particular D. S. Also, where is the Bishop in all of this? No charges again? Why bother to have a Book of Discipline if it is largely being ignored. I also notice that certain… Read more »

Bonnie Albert

Robert started his conversation with a wonderful statement but soon he lost me in his logic. Do we apply the rules for suspension and defrocking for just “hot button” issues or is that applied to all offenses against the Book of Discipline equally? Seems to me we are very good at picking and choosing the holy scripture for which we take a stand as well. After all we once supported segregation and slavery using the Bible as our source of information. How did we change our UM Discipline to address what became a huge embarrassment to all of us? We… Read more »

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