Recently Read: Top 10 Reasons Why Schism Solves Nothing

RecentlyReadIn the face of several voices calling for schism in the United Methodist Church (including one posted here on the UMR site), Jeremy Smith bucks the trend today with his 10 reasons why schism solves nothing:

This blog’s stance against schism puts us at odds with both Traditionalists who want to carve out dissenters and Progressives who want to end ecclesial discrimination. But our motives are the same: we all want change and we want it to come more quickly than it is. Schism may solve problems quickly, but it is a band-aid not a systematic regimen. It papers over our issues with different names instead of addressing root issues. It grants space for novel forms of ministry, but removes common resources to make those novel forms more replicable and adaptive. In short, schism ghettoizes a church that may be the world’s best chance to model what diversity without enmity might look like.

via Top 10 Reasons Why Schism Solves Nothing.

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Wes Andrews, your comment is not only untruthful, it is completely devoid any “loving embrace.” People who believe as you do have made schism necessary.

Wes Andrews
Jay, the truth is often an uncomfortable thing. The truth is the people of the UMC are accepting and loving. Even our polity is that way in clearly expressing the sacred worth of all people. What is also true is that this loving embrace has been consistently rejected. The uncomfortable truth is the following: What is truly harsh is that you and others reject this acceptance and deem it as inadequate. What is harsh is the constant disregard for the good intentioned process of General Conference. What is harsh is name calling and belittling UMs, who affirm the Biblical Definition… Read more »
Gary Bebop

When divorce is about to happen, inevitably one spouse gets “cold feet” and argues with the other about why this marriage should be maintained at all costs. Seldom do these “reasons” prevail. Often there are tearful pleas, power plays, manipulations, storming and outright threats. The eventual breakup is even more painfully experienced.

Wes Andrews

The Schism is coming from ONE SIDE. The ungrateful liberals in our denomination who don’t care about due process, fair play, Scripture, the process of GC, and don’t care that they have exploited the loving embrace of the faithful in the UMC….


Harshly worded Wes but accurate in my opinion. Does anyone see the irony of someone from a protestant denomination arguing that schism solves nothing? History suggests otherwise.

David J. Whitlock

Thanks. Helpful. Not all churches get to discuss among laity a ton.

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