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Wesleyan Wisdom: Reclaiming the Bible for the church

The first generation to leave the church en masse were the Baby Boomers. As the oldest Boomers (b. late ‘40’s) became teenagers, Sunday School attendance began to decline.  Now the Barna Group has published a book entitled, You Lost Me,  documenting the alarming loss from our mainline churches of adults born since 1980. I see […]

Schaefer states that he cannot uphold Book of Discipline

The Rev. Frank Schaefer, the United Methodist clergyperson recently convicted for disobeying the teaching of the United Methodist Church for presiding at the same-sex wedding of his son, held a press conference today to announce that he would be unable to affirm the United Methodist Book of Discipline in its full entirety when he meets with […]

Press Release: Garrett-Evangelical and MTSO appoint Timothy Eberhart assistant professor of theology and ecology

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Garrett-Evangelical and MTSO appoint Timothy Eberhart assistant professor of theology and ecology Methodist Theological School in Ohio and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary have appointed Rev. Dr. Timothy Eberhart assistant professor of theology and ecology. Eberhart will serve Garrett-Evangelical and MTSO through a joint appointment, teaching classes on both campuses through a variety of […]

Press Release: Rethink Church releases new mobile app

United Methodist Communications Office of Public Information 810 12th Ave. S. Nashville, TN 37203 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 16, 2013 Rethink Church releases new mobile app Nashville, Tenn.: United Methodist Communications invites you to not only Rethink Church, but to also Rethink Christmas. A new mobile app, designed to inspire you to let go of the hustle and […]

Wesley Bros: Calvin is my constant

Click in image to expand… I was having lunch with a Presbyterian youth pastor.  We were totally hitting it off.  Then out of nowhere he realized I was Methodist and didn’t think Rob Bell was a heretic.  He literally said, “I can see we have nothing in common.”  I was thinking, well, we’re both middle-class […]

Bishop rules continuation of candidacy for lesbian clergy candidate

San Antonio, Texas — Bishop James E. Dorff issued a ruling today continuing the candidacy for ordination process for Mary Ann Kaiser Barclay in opposition to the desires of the Board of Ordained Ministry of the Southwest Texas Annual Conference. Barclay was recommended as a candidate for ministry by the Austin District Committee on Ministry […]

Reimagine: Peace heroes and troublemakers

The strains of Christmas are with us again, beckoning people everywhere to echo their refrains in song and life.  Their words make me feel calm and peaceful.  As they should.  After all, we are coming into the “Let there be peace on earth” season of songs.  I listen to them one after another, relishing their […]

EcuFilm to Close

Nashville, Tenn — United Methodist Communications announced today that EcuFilm, which provides multimedia resources for small groups and churches, will close at the end of 2013. A ministry of United Methodist Communications, Ecufilm has been a long-time provider of video resources for use in worship, Sunday school, Bible study, retreats, small groups, and other church programs […]

Take 2: Dallas Buyers Club

“Dallas Buyers Club,” starring Matthew McConaughey, is a biopic film about Ron Woodroof, a Dallas electrician, part time rodeo cowboy, and fulltime homophobic who is diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and given 30 days to live. After receiving this apparent life sentence, Ron takes his health care into his own hands to acquire AZT, then […]

Churches in Europe, Africa and the Philippines to be added to map

Find-A-Church, the online directory of United Methodist churches, is going global. A mapping project is expanding Find-A-Church to include information on churches outside the U.S. for the first time.