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Christmas: a Pagan Holiday

You have likely heard this claim, and may have even seen a convincing Youtube video or two about the pagan roots of our holy season.  Though the video may get a lot of hits on youtube, many hits do not reliable history make. One of the claims in these videos sullies one of my children’s […]

Aging Well: The Island of Misfit Toys

I just returned from a trip to see my grandsons, ages three and five. Like most preschoolers, they were getting very excited about Christmas. Each morning, they rushed to turn on the Christmas tree lights before opening their Advent calendar. Every time we sang “Away in a Manger,” the five year-old rearranged the characters in the nativity scene on […]

Wesley Bros: Springsteen lied to me

Click on image to enlarge… Sometimes people love to study about Christ, but get really annoyed by the people who are actually passionately living like Christ.  Learning about God is crucial, but if it’s not connected to a pursuit of God in the way we live, what’s the point? The Holy Club days at Oxford is considered the “First […]

Life in a new “church”… from the barista’s chair

There’s a building that sits tucked away on Dyer Street in Dallas. Its name glows in handwritten font. It’s across from a popular bar but gets just as much attention from the local college students. Inside the barista’s greeting reaches you before the smell of espresso does, and the couches are arranged to make it feel more like a living room than a shop.

A Prayer for Mandiba

Merciful God, Author of salvation, Giver of every gracious gift,
we give thanks for the life and witness of your servant, Nelson Mandela…

Recently Seen: Good News leaders reflect on Council of Bishops and Schaefer trial

Rob Renfroe and Tom Lambrecht of the Good News organization have released a new video on YouTube reviewing the recent Council of Bishops decision and the Frank Schaefer trial. Good News is an independent group of United Methodists who promote traditional Wesleyan orthodoxy and have worked for the retention of the current language in the […]

Historic UMC #GivingTuesday is Record-Breaking Day for Mission

Thanks to the generosity of United Methodists around the world, more than 880 projects and missionaries will receive a financial boost to help them meet their mission goals. The denomination’s General Board of Global Ministries announced that the first-ever UMC #GivingTuesday generated a record $6.5 million online on December 3. Nearly 11,000 donors in 34 countries gave […]

Being in the Middle

United Methodist news circles and the blogosphere have been roused of late regarding same-gender marriage ceremonies. The news, however, is mostly only news to us United Methodists. My casual, un-scientific poll of people outside of the UMC tells me that this is largely unnoticed by the greater society.  Outside of the UMC and a few Facebook […]

Recently Read: N. GA Conference discerns future of Simpsonwood

Many United Methodist’s in the Southeast Jurisdiction have attended conferences and meetings over the years at Simpsonwood, the retreat center outside of Atlanta operated by the North Georgia Conference(NGC). For several years that property has struggled and the NGC is involved in a time of discernment regarding the future of that property. Judy Putman at […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: The Babylonian Captivity of the UMC

“Hegemony” is not a work we often use in casual conversation, but it means “dominant leadership.”  From the 18th century through much of the 20th, the so-called “Enlightenment” enjoyed a hegemony over many disciplines, among them science, philosophy, and theology.  The ingenious minds of men like John Locke, Adam Smith, David Hume, Baron Montesquieu, and […]