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Opinionated Parishioner believes all criticism is “constructive.” Worship leaders often hear opinions about what they should or shouldn’t be doing more than they receive thanks for what they are doing. This is probably due to most people thinking worship is something the leaders do to entertain them, rather than the outpouring of who we all are before the throne of God.

Nevertheless, I do wish we could have some more verses to some of the catchier songs. After all, music is one of our primary educational tools in the church!


Charlie Baber

Rev. Charlie Baber is author and illustrator of the weekly web comic: Wesley Bros. When he isn’t finding new ways to mash-up church history with modern culture, he has actual responsibilities as a Deacon serving at Highland UMC in Raleigh, NC. Check out Charlie’s site at www.wesleybros.com.


  1. My wife, who is the praise band director for our church, has written second verses for some of those one verse praise songs. Other contemporary worship leaders could do that as well. Then maybe have a forum for sharing additional verses.

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