Recently Read: Five Advantages to the Mid-Year Move

ChristyThomas_300The Rev. Christy Thomas, a friend of UMR who has written for us in the past, retired this month from ministry in the local church. As she’s gone through this process, she’s discerned 5 benefits on moving at the first of the calendar year, what most United Methodist pastors would call a mid-year move:

In The United Methodist Church, most clergy moves generally take place in the summer, after our Annual Conferences. This traditional time, along with school year schedules and extended summer vacations, are relics of our agricultural roots. Summer months had to be set aside for the survival needs of crop care, sowing, harvesting, and preserving.

via Five Advantages to the Mid-Year Move | thoughtfulpastor.

Make sure to click the link above to read her 5 advantages. For those of you who have moved “mid-year,” how was the experience and did she see some of the benefits Christy wrote about? Would there be a benefit to moving the conference year to a calendar year?

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Recently Read

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