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The truth of plain white envelopes

It was tucked among the rest of the bills and flyers — a plain white envelope addressed to The  U M Reporter. There was no return address or an indication of where it originated beyond the postmark. I opened it carefully and found a single sheet of paper filled with typed words. Earlier this year we […]

Take 2: Philomena

“Philomena” is a film about love, loss, determination, courage, faith and forgiveness.  Based on the 2009 book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixthsmith, “Philomena” tells the true story of Philomena Lee an Irish Catholic woman who in the 1950’s was forced to give up her son after he was born out of […]

Opinions differ on a moratorium for church trials

It was an expensive media spectacle. A United Methodist pastor had presided at the marriage ceremony of his gay son and his partner, and several years later was brought before a jury of his peers to answer for his disobedience to the laws of the United Methodist Church. As the broader society wrestled with the […]

Wesleyan Wisdom: Why Mosaics are leaving the church

Why are we losing our young adults, those who author Addie Zierman’s identifies as “millennials”? David Kinnaman, in his book You Lost Me, suggests that this group is more accurately called “Mosaics” because the people born since 1964 are so diverse in so many ways!  Thousands pack churches like Joel Osteen’s in Houston or the Elevation […]

UM Response to the political crisis in Ukraine

By John Calhoun Missionary John Calhoun offers insight into how United Methodists are responding to the political crisis in Ukraine. As we begin a new year, the people of Ukraine are living through an extraordinary holiday season.  Normally, this period is a time of great joy and celebration. In accordance with Orthodox tradition, each year the festivities […]

GBHEM announces deadlines for Central Conference and Young Clergy grants

Nashville, Tenn — The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) announced today the deadlines for applications for two grant programs. The deadline to apply for Central Conference Theological Education grants is Thursday, January 30, 2014. Central Conference Theological Education grants will be awarded for projects aimed at improving United Methodist theological education in the central conferences […]

Wesley Bros: Arminian Development

Click image to enlarge to screen size… In honor of a new season of Arrested Development, I thought it was a perfect time to talk about John Wesley’s childhood.  John almost died in a house fire when he was 5.  As an adult, he would look back on this incident and refer to himself as […]

Press Release: United Theological Seminary announces return of preaching workshop

UNITED THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY News Release 4501 Denlinger Road • Dayton, OH 45426 Contact: Angie Klosterman, Communications Coordinator 937.529.2201 • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: January 3, 2014 United Theological Seminary Announces Return of Preaching Workshop Dayton, OH, Seminary’s Preaching Lent and Holy Week: Dying and Rising with Christ Set for Feb. 7 DAYTON, OH […]

Faith Lived Out: What does it mean for the Social Principles to be “Social”?

The Wesleyan tradition is awash with misunderstanding. This is, in large part, because people of faith are just as skilled at talking past one another as anyone else. Take the “Social Principles” of The United Methodist Church. They are invoked, quoted, yanked out of context, and referenced in passing to argue this or that theological […]

Walden’s Words: A new year, a new normal

A new year can bring new possibilities and new opportunities.  A new year can offer new ways of thinking, being, doing, and existing in the world. New Year resolutions can be effective, but too often people find themselves unwilling to let go of the familiar routine of eating, living, lack of physical activity, certain habits, […]