Recently Read: Ogletree’s church trial postponed indefinitely

Rev-Thomas-Ogletree-UMCFrom the Religion News Service:

(RNS) The trial of a retired United Methodist pastor and former Yale Divinity School dean accused of breaking church law by performing a gay wedding has been delayed indefinitely.

Bishop Clifton Ives, a retired Maine bishop overseeing the trial, and pastors representing the church and the Rev. Thomas Ogletree, all agreed to pursue a “just resolution” before resorting to a trial, said the Rev. William S. Shillady, secretary of the trial court.

via United Methodists postpone Thomas Ogletree’s church trial | Religion News Service.

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  1. What is a “just resolution?” It’s like being a little bit pregnant. You either went against the BOD or not. How long will our “leadership” continue to keep this ball in the air? Can you say spineless.

  2. MethodistPie says:

    I personally think it would be wise to avoid bringing an 80-year old retired seminary dean to trial. In terms of pure practicality, what would be the sentence? And we’ll get beat up in the press. Bishop Talbert is another matter entirely.

    • Wes Andrews says:

      I agree, MethodistPie. Trails are not preferable, respect and honor is, which seems to be lacking among some within our church who reject UM identity as defined by GC and publish in the BOD.

  3. “A ‘just resolution’ BEFORE resorting to a trial” does not, technically, do away with a trial. But, this leaves far too much that goes unexplained. It raises many more questions than it answers. Is a plea bargain being worked out? Why is this taking an indefinite amount of time for resolution? Or, is this the introduction of a NEW stalling-resistance tactic with such cases going forward? And, as Russ asked, what does “just resolution” actually mean? Failure to explain that is either negligence and failure of leadership, or there’s an intentional hidden strategy. It is real simple. All they need to do is step up and explain how there will be a “just resolution” which will uphold and adhere to the Book of Discipline.

  4. How can anyone in their right mind invite someone to the church when these progressive pastors and bishops insist on promoting their agenda of same sex relationships.

    • Wes Andrews says:

      Brandon, you post got me to thinking we probably should refer to the “progressive” folk as “regressive.” They really aren’t helping the church, or the Gospel progress forward. They are obscuring it…

    • How can anyone in their right mind invite someone to a deeply homophobic church that is dominated by unChristlike conservatives.

  5. I am very sorry that Dr. Ogletree was not put on trial. He did a wonderful thing that needs to be publicized, as does the injustice that is embodied in the BoD. I think the refusal to place him on trial was just a face-saving tactic on the part of a homphobic denomination.

    • Jay, you are right on both counts. The UMC is just about the only homophobic mainline church left, and a huge number of adherents are determined to keep it that way. With the weight of the homophobic Africans growing with every General Conference, there’s just no way to end this nightmare. What a blot on the witness of one of the great churches of history.

      • Yes, Sandy Wylie, it is very sad that the prevailing theology of a once great denomination is now closer to that of Fred Phelps and the Duck Dynasty charlatans. Soon it will be dictated from Uganda. Glad I am no longer a member though I miss my former congregation.

        • Jay, your comments are unreal. What an insult to biblically based believers. I recognize you’re entitled to your opinions, but is it really necessary to publish ad hominem attacks on conservative believers ? Just because we do not believe in same sex marriage as a rite that our church should ever be performing does not make us homophobic, hateful or anything else but people who subscribe to biblical teachings recognized for centuries. Please stop the personal insults.

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