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American Hustle

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Based loosely on ABSCAM, the late 1970’s- early ‘80’s FBI public corruption sting operation “American Hustle” follows director David O Russell’s penchant for gritty period piece “dramedies”(Silver Linings Playbook”, “The Fighter,” and “I Heart Huckabees.”)  As with Russell’s earlier films, “American Hustle” features a powerful ensemble cast fueled by dynamic characters, frenetic pacing, and strong dialogue.  Such gravitas directing, acting and writing is necessary as the film pulls back the curtain on what is presented as a foundational element of American public service, hustling. Specifically the film questions the efficacy of using hustlers to in turn hustle public officials who are, or might become, susceptible to corruption and bribery.  The means and motives of all parties involved, law breakers, law makers, and law enforcers, are found wanting and cut of the same stock.  Everyone seems to hustle and is involved in some sort of racket. Everyone it seems looks out for themselves, especially those in public service whose job is to look out for the well-being of others. Watching the film, one can hear Jesus’s admonishing his disciples that leaders are called to serve not be served.

“American Hustlers” has the rare opportunity to sweep the major awards, best picture, director, (David Russell) actor (Christian Bale), actress (Amy Adams), supporting actor (Bradley Cooper) and actress (Jennifer Lawrence).

Kenny Dickson, UMR Movie Reviewer

Kenny Dickson

Sr. Pastor Christ United Methodist Church Farmers Branch Texas, UMR Movie Reviewer Kenny Dickson received his M.Div. from Duke Divinity School as well as a BFA in film history from Southern Methodist University.

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Who gives a rip about the Oscars? Haven’t watched for years and did not watch this time. The best male actor and best supporting female actress, however, as I understand, left a sense of dignity with their responses………………… The country is way to occupied with holiywood–Father/Son/Holy Spirit weeps……………………………………………

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