Aldersgate Covenant announces gathering on May 16-17

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A diverse group of leaders in the United Methodist Church has announced a special time of worship and prayer for all United Methodists seeking spiritual revival.

The group, known at the Aldersgate Covenant, announced that the Aldersgate Covenant gathering will be on May 16-17, 2014 at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS. The event, which will take place over a 20 hour period, will focus on prayer, worship, and watching for the presence of the Holy Spirit. The event is open to all United Methodists. Registration is available through the event website:

 The Aldersgate Covenant coalition is a diverse group of UMC leaders who were involved in creating the current UMC mission statement 20 years ago. A desire for spiritual revival in the UMC prompted the upcoming gathering. designed to center on worship and prayer. 

“The kind of revival we’re talking about is a renewed depth of faith, a closer relationship with Jesus, an openness to be led by the Holy Spirit, and a renewed commitment to God’s mission in the world,” said Bishop Gary Mueller of the Arkansas Conference, who has been a part of the Aldersgate Covenant since its initial meeting in 1994. “It leads to the kind of discipleship that truly engages people and truly brings transformation in lives, communities, and the world.”

When the Aldersgate Covenant first formed, its members shared three goals: to celebrate how the Holy Spirit was at work in the United Methodist Church; to address the loss of membership, resources and confidence in our denomination; and to discern how to engage a world that was increasingly indifferent, even hostile, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fruit of that initial work was the mission statement approved by the 1996 General Conference (and amended in 2008): “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Local churches provide the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs.” The Aldersgate Covenant’s emphasis today is to call the Church into a new openness toward the Holy Spirit in the hope that spiritual revival will occur.

Worship, prayer and holy conferencing are the only agenda items at the May 16-17 Gathering of the Aldersgate Covenant. Those who attend will experience invigorating preaching and powerful music on Friday evening. The extended period of worship also will include time for prayer and conversation. On Saturday morning, the gathering will celebrate a Service of Covenant Renewal and conclude with a celebration of Holy Communion. Underlying the gathering will be an attempt to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit for those present, and for the United Methodist connection as a whole.

Preachers for the event include the Rev. Matt Miofsky, Lead Pastor of The Gathering UMC in St. Louis, MO; the Rev. Lisa Yebuah, Pastor of Inviting Ministries at Edenton Street UMC in Raleigh, NC; the Rev. Rob Fuquay, Senior Pastor of St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis, IN; and Bishop Violet Fisher, formerly the episcopal leader of the New York West Area of the UMC.

For more information about this event, visit See the event flyer here.

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Ed Camera

If we believe that the fruit of a gathering is a mission statement then our denomination is in trouble. People inside the church are seeking a sense of purpose and mission, A mission statement doesn’t, provide that. People outisde of the Church are seeking that “something” to give meaning to their lives, A mission statement doesn’t provide that. Until we connect our need for purpose and mission with those who are searching we will continue to become less relevant as a denomination and less effective as God’s presence in this world. My prayer is that the fruit of the Aldersgate… Read more »

bill krill
bill krill

I don’t believe that the ‘world is hostile and indifferent to the Gospel’ as much as membership decline is due to the UMC being indifferent to it’s members and the illness of its pastorate. Who wants to join a church like that?


AMEN, Bill & Russ!! The Walk to Emmaus–at least when it come to this conference-early on was a wonderful weekend/journey of faith. Folks were distinctly blessed/pastors’ calls were renewed/people were saved. When the leaders of the movement tried to put the Holy Spirit in a box–probably because many progressive pastors did/do not like a spirit-filled laity–at least in this conference–the Walk suffered greatly. Have never attended an Aldersgate Covenant weekend. It must be an absolutely wonderful experience–and an event that deeps the faith of those who attend…….


“came” as opposed to “come.” sorry about the type O

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