Recently Read: Dallas pastor suspended after complaint over his officiating at same-sex wedding

The Rev. Bill Elvaney officiates over the wedding of Jack Evans and George Harris at Midway Hills Christian Church.  Dallas Morning News

The Rev. Bill Elvaney officiates over the wedding of Jack Evans and George Harris at Midway Hills Christian Church.
Dallas Morning News

From the Dallas Morning News:

The Rev. Bill McElvaney announced to the Northaven United Methodist Church that he has been suspended from all clerical responsibilities after a complaint was filed for his performance of a same-sex marriage.

McElvaney, who is 85 years old, is the pastor emeritus at Northaven, a former SMU Perkins School of Theology professor and a Methodist seminary president.

via Dallas Methodist minister suspended after complaint over his officiating at same-sex wedding | Dallas Morning News.

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Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson

John 1:14 says that Jesus came from the Father full of grace and truth. Andy Stanley, in his book, Deep and Wide, says, “Jesus was full of grace and truth. Not the balance between, but the full embodiment of. Jesus did not come to strike a balance between grace and truth. He brought the full measure of both.” We all too often cannot seem even to strike a proper balance between the two, much less be filled with both at the same time. The truth is that we all struggle with different sins to different degrees, but also that through God’s… Read more »

Sandy Wylie

Bill, thanks for your witness of love, justice, and inclusion. We pray that your health will improve and that God will bless you with new strength.

Dr. Becky Motley

When will Christians finally understand one of His greatest commandments? “Love one another.” Plain, simple, no modifiers. There is no reference to anything else. Just “Love one another.” That is all.

Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

“Love one another” has been quite exploited by the progressives. After all who can argue with their challenge: “who are we to tell people who they should love?” But this really isn’t about love. It’s about control. And it’s about rejecting the authority of Scripture. It’s about forcing others to endorse cultures definition of marriage over the Biblical definition of marriage. “Love” isn’t a trump card which overrides truth and God’s plan for sexuality and marriage. Love sometimes, many times mean we say “no” to our desires. Love means we also love God and his will for human relationships, more… Read more »

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