Bishop Sally Dyck Arrested in Protest

Bishop Sally Dyck and Northern Illinois Conference of UMC arrested in Anti-deportation protest

Bishop Sally Dyck and clergy from the Northern Illinois Conference of the UMC after their arrest. Photo credit to NIC UMC Facebook page

During an anti-deportation rally in Chicago on Thursday, March 27th, 40 people were placed under temporary arrest. Among the arrested party were many United Methodists including Bishop Sally Dyck. According to a photo on the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church’s Facebook page almost 50 clergy and laity from the conference participated in the protest.

Bishop Dyck shared her thoughts on the protest and subsequent arrest through her blog, posted at “A process and penalty for disobedience“.

Yesterday I was arrested out of protest of our immigration laws which I believe are unjust and unmerciful.  Eleven hundred immigrants are deported everyday, including the parents of children born in the United States and are part of the DREAM act.  These deportations separate parents from children and break up families for years. Hundreds of people came together in downtown Chicago to demand the end of deportations that break families apart.

It was a peaceful demonstration, beginning at the back of the sanctuary at the Temple (First United Methodist Church) in Chicago with about 50 United Methodists – laity and clergy from across the annual conference.  We began with a joyful recognition of each other’s support and prayer.  Then we walked down to Federal Plaza.  There we heard from families who have been separated from their loved ones.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez spoke of the importance of stopping the deportations as well as the hope for comprehensive immigration legislation.  There were prayers and statements by religious leaders.

Several hundred people marched from Federal Plaza to the Homeland Securities building where some of us (about 12) participated in civil disobedience by blocking the doorway of the federal building, resulting in arrest.  We received a ticket with a court date to pay the fine.

The Chicago Police Department was overseeing our gathering, marching, and eventual arrest.  They were courteous and helpful as we were arrested and processed.  They helped us up off the pavement and made positive comments about our El Salvadoran stoles. We broke the law and will pay the consequences.

Bishop Dyck announced her intentions earlier last week to join the rally. According to a letter she wrote to President Obama (posted online at the Huffington Post) she expresses that he has the power to stop the deportations.

Today I joined other Chicago area faith leaders and Representative Luis Gutierrez to peacefully protest your continued policy of mass deportations of our immigrant sisters and brothers. The United Methodist Church states that, “In the face of these unjust laws and the systematic deportation of migrants instituted by the Department of Homeland Security, God’s people must stand in solidarity with the migrants in our midst.” (2012 Book of Resolutions, Welcoming the Migrant to the United States) I participated in civil disobedience because I find the policy of mass deportations to be morally reprehensible and one that must end. I believe you have the authority to end deportations.

Anti-deportation protest participants from Northern Illinois Conference of United Methodist Church

Almost 50 united methodist clergy and laity are rallying now to ask President Obama to stop deportations of immigrants. Photo courtesy of Northern Illinois Conference of UMC’s Facebook Page

Photos Courtesy of Northern Illinois Conference of United Methodist Church’s Facebook Page.

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I think we are missing a key word in this discussion, we are deporting Illegal Immagrants. I understand that deporting people who have lived here is hard but our laws must be inforced. Our immigration regulations are not unjust or moraly reprehensible and serve to make our country and those who become citizens stronger and more successful – if they were inforced. This is a key issue to me. Bottom line Bishop Dyke and the others took the easy road and associating with Mr. Gutierrez is an imbarrasment and a whole separate issue. If Bishop Dyke really wants to help… Read more »


Thank you, Bishop Dyck. Your courage and help for immigrants is commendable. I believe when the time is right you will risk the wrath of our own denomination to help gays and lesbians.


What the good bishop did not mention is Gutiérrez paid Doug Scofield (lobbyist) over $500,000 in taxpayer funds to train his staff and Mr. Gutierrez is under investigation by the House Ethics Commission after the IEOC reviewed campaign money. It was all over the news.

TJ Mucha

Dear d, Thank you for bringing contextual information to this discussion! Because of your comment, I looked up Congressman Gutierrez’ House Ethics Committee investigation. An article* updated today said, ” “whether a long-standing contract was allowable under House rules. The contract for services was reviewed and approved by the House of Representatives and submitted for renewal each Congress for 10 years. It was consistently and properly reported. Rep. Gutierrez cancelled the contract last year.” The spokesman added that Gutierrez “cooperated fully with the OCE during its review and will continue to do so with the Committee.” ” I agree ethics… Read more »

Wes Andrews
Wes Andrews

Her domination is imploding because of distracted and ineffective Bishops………. protesting for justice is a noble thing………… but her first responsibility is to serve justice for her denomination…… justice starts with honoring the authority of Scripture so that justice is NOT tied to the temporary whims of culture…. so it’s all symbolism over substance.

TJ Mucha

Dear James,
Am I correctly interpreting from your comment that you believe Bishop Dyck’s act of non-violent, civil disobedience was simply a publicity stunt? This is a safe forum for forthright yet civil communication.
1. I’m glad you care enough to join the conversation, and would respectfully request that you use the appropriate form of address; Bishop Dyck, not Ms. Dyck.
2. Kindly state your thoughts or opinions, and consider explaining or supporting same. I believe that’s how your voice will have more impact in the discussion.
Your sister in Christ,


Not impressed, Ms. Dyck. I see you have your name in the reporter and in the newspaper….. Way to go………………………

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